WoW: Burning Crusade Classic - these are the advantages of all races1. Races of the Horde - Orcs2. Races of the Horde - Undead3. Races of the Horde - Tauren4. Races of the Horde - Trolls5. Peoples of the Horde - Blood Elves6. Peoples of the Alliance - Humans7. Peoples of the Alliance - Dwarves8. Peoples of the Alliance - Night Elves9. Peoples of the Alliance - Gnomes10. Alliance races - Draenei

While there are currently "only" eight races to choose from when creating a character in WoW Classic, there will be a whopping ten races to choose from in Burning Crusade Classic. But not only the Blood Elves and Draenei celebrate their Azeroth premiere, some of the advantages and abilities of the old races will also change. In this special, we'll bring you up to speed on the latest TBC Classic.

Races of the Horde - Orcs

While Orcs in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic were mainly interesting for melee fighters or hunters, they are now generally a very good choice for every Outland visitor (whether for PvP or PvE).

  • Possible Classes: Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, WarriorStarting zone: DurotarHometown: OrgrimmarPeople mount: Wolf

Orc Advantages

  • Boiling Blood: When activated, your attack power is increased by 282 and your spell damage is increased by 143 for 15 seconds (depending on your class), while your healing is reduced by 50%. Cooldown of 2 minutes.Toughness: Reduces the duration of stun and movement-restricting effects by an additional 15 percent.Command: The damage dealt by your Hunter or Warlock companions increases by 5 percent.Axe Specialization: Weapon Lore increases by 5 for axes and two-handed axes.

WoW: Peoples in TBC Classic - Undead Warlocks in PvP? A demon-strong combination! Source: Blizzard

Peoples of the Horde - Undead

For Will of the Forsaken alone, Undead are a strong choice for all PvP enthusiasts. Because there's one thing you can be sure of: There are plenty of warlocks and priests waiting for you in the arena.

  • Possible classes: Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, WarriorStarting zone: TirisfalHometown: UndercityPeople mount: Skeleton Horse

Advantages of the Undead

  • Will of the Forsaken: Removes any Charm, Fear, orSleep effect when activated, making you immune to those effects for five seconds. 2 minute cooldown.Cannibalism: Eat a corpse to regenerate 7% of your total health every two seconds for ten seconds. 2 minute cooldown.Underwater Breathing: Underwater Breathing increased by 300 percent.Shadow Resistance: Increases your Shadow Resistance by 10.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Tauren have particularly high health and make great tanks. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Horde - Tauren

Tauren are tough, have more stamina than other races, and therefore make resilient tanks or PvP characters. Their thunder of war can be worth its weight in gold in PvP and PvE.

  • Possible classes: Hunter, Druid, Shaman, WarriorStarting zone: MulgoreHometown: ThunderbluffPeople mount: Kodo

Advantages of the Tauren

  • Thunder of War: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards. Cooldown of 2 minutes.Stamina: Your health is increased by 5 percent.Green Thumb: Your Herbology skill is increased by 15.Nature Resistance: Increases your Nature Resistance by 10.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Heavily Bruised Trolls especially benefit from Berserk mode. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Horde - Trolls

Trolls retain their class choice flexibility and strong Berserk ability in Burning Crusade Classic, making them a solid choice in PvP and PvE.

  • Possible Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorStarting zone: DurotarHometown: OrgrimmarPeople mount: Raptor

Troll Advantages

  • Berserk: When activated, increases your attack and spell speed by 10 to 30 percent for ten seconds, depending on your current health. The more injured you are, the more speed. 3 minute cooldown.Wildlife Slayer: Damage done to wildlife is increased by 5%.Throwing Weapon and Bow Specialization: Increases your critical strike chance with throwing weapons and bows by 1%.Regeneration: Increases your health regeneration by 10%. 10 percent of health regeneration continues to work in combat.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Blood Elves have been one of the most popular races on Azeroth since their introduction. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Horde - Blood Elves

Blood Elves are the newcomers on Horde side, and also the only race under the red banner that can take the career path of a Paladin.

  • Possible classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Paladin, WarlockStarting zone: Immersang ForestHometown: SilvermoonPeople mount: Falcon Rider

Blood Elf Advantages

  • Mana Thirst: Reduces the target's mana and builds up a charge of arcane energy for 10 minutes. This effect can stack up to three times. 30 second cooldown.Arcane Current: When activated, silences all enemies within eight yards for two seconds and restores mana / energy (rogue only) based on the number of charges of arcane energy. Cooldown of 2 minutes.Arcane Affinity: your enchantment skill is increased by 10.Magic Resistance: increases all your resistances by 5.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Humans are THE all-around race of the Alliance. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Alliance - Humans

Humans are the all-around race of the Alliance and have some pretty good bonuses in store for you.

  • Possible classes: Mage, Priest, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, WarlockStarting Zone: Forest of ElwynnHometown: StormwindPeople Mount: Horse

Human Advantages

  • Vigilance:Increases stealth detection noticeably when activated, lasts 20 seconds. Cooldown of 3 minutes.Indomitable: Your willpower is increased by 10 percent.Diplomacy: Increases your reputation gain with factions by 10 percent.Sword and Mace Specialization: Weapon Lore increases by 5 for swords and maces.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Dwarves are more likely to cause critical hits with firearms. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Alliance - Dwarves

Dwarves are particularly resilient when it comes to bleeding, poisons, disease, or freezing cold. They also make good hunters.

  • Possible classes: Hunter, Priest, Warrior, Paladin, RogueStarting Zone: Dun MoroghHometown: IronforgePeople Mount: Aries

Advantages of the Dwarves

  • Stone Form: Makes you immune to bleeding, poison, and disease for eight seconds when activated. It also increases your armor by 10 percent. Cooldown of 3 minutes.Find Treasure: Display nearby chests on the mini-map.Firearm Specialization: Increases your critical strike chance for firearms by 1 percent.Frost Resistance: Increases your Frost Resistance by 10.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Night Elf Druids are not easy to spot. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Alliance - Night Elves

Thanks to shadowiness, Night Elves are an interesting choice, especially for PvP enthusiasts. All druid tanks will be happy about speed.

  • Possible classes: Hunter, Priest, Warrior, Druid, RogueStarting zone: TeldrassilHometown: DarnassusPeople mount: Night Elf

Advantages of the Night Elves

  • Shadowiness: When activated, you dive into the shadows, reducing the chance of enemies seeing you. Lasts until you move or cancel the action. Cooldown of 10 seconds.Swiftness: Increases your chance to dodge by 1 percent.Irvish Spirit: Upon death, you transform into a Wisp and your movement speed is increased by 50 percent. Active until you resurrect.Nature Resistance: Increases your nature resistance by 10.

WoW: Peoples in TBC Classic - When Gnomes cast spells, something or someone is sure to come to harm. Source: Blizzard

Races of the Alliance - Gnomes

Gnomes are small, cuddly in their own way, and they get up to a lot of mischief. That's a known fact. They also bring nice perks that can be especially useful for spell-savvy engineers with a penchant for PvP.

  • Possible classes: Mage, Warlock, Warrior, RogueStarting zone: Dun MoroghHometown: IronforgeFolk mount: Robo Rider

Advantages of the Gnomes

  • Unleash Artist: When activated, remove all effects that cause immobility or movement speed reduction. Instant Spell. Cooldown of 1.75 minutes.Alert Mind: Increases your Intelligence by 5 percent.Arcane Resistance: Increases your Arcane Resistance by 10.Technologist: Increases your Engineering by 15.

WoW: Races in TBC Classic - Draenei ride Elekks and grant the party an increased chance to hit. Source: Blizzard

Alliance Races - Draenei

The Draenei bolster the Alliance faction in Burning Crusade Classic, granting fighters under the blue lion banner access to the Shaman Caste for the first time.

  • Possible classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Paladin, ShamanStarting Zone: Azurmythos IslandHometown: ExodarPeople Mount: Elekk

Advantages of the Draenei

  • Gift of Naaru: When activated, heals the targeted target or yourself by a small amount for 15 seconds. Cooldown of 3 minutes.Heroic Presence: Increases the hit chance of you and all party members within 30 yards by 1 percent (Warriors, Paladins, and Hunters provide physical hit chance / Priests, Shamans, and Mages provide spell hit chance).Shadow Resistance: Increases your Shadow Resistance by 10.Gem Cutting: Increases your Jeweler skill by 10.

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