Those who want to increase their gold supply with patch 9.0.5 by farming items in old content such as raids, dungeons, quests and so on may experience an unpleasant surprise. WoW developers have been tweaking the amount of gold players can earn by selling these items at NPC vendors in Azeroth on the test server for the upcoming update. As a result, vendors are offering up to 70 percent less gold for your loot than they did before the update.

All items below an item level of 75 affected

The editors of Vanion have illustrated the changes with some examples and found out that the sales revenue on the test server with patch 9.0.5 is between 45 percent and 70 percent lower than it was before - depending on the game content and item. For example, the Shameful Machinist's Foot Pads from the Antorus raid will only sell for seven gold pieces instead of 24 gold (-70 percent), while the Clotted Orb Lace from the Dragon's Soul raid will only sell for five gold pieces instead of nine (-45 percent).

The adjustments affect loot from raids and dungeons as well as quest items, world loot, and items crafted through professions. The developers have noted in the patch notes for Update 9.0.5 that the changes to merchant prices will affect all items below an item level of 75. This means that any items you get from content that was originally above Crucible of Storms in difficulty and item level will be exempt from the changes (Ny'alotha, Eternal Palace, Battle for Azeroth Heroic/Mythic dungeons).

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