Although maybe I should say myth or legend, because it happened a long time ago. And although the beginning of this tale brings us closer to fairy tales, do not be fooled! For in fairy tales, it is good that triumphs, not evil. The poor are rewarded and the rich are ruined. But in this story it was different... and what was it like? Well, listen...

Long, long ago, before the first dwarf grew a beard and tauren began to give milk. In times when goblins knew such words as charity, volunteer or free, and the virtue of a certain blond-haired sorceress slept peacefully and unharmed by elves, dragons, orcs and other races of all sorts, there lived a certain Genius. This man, though a mere mortal, was as smart as a god. How else to explain that his thought miraculously became flesh? And when he said: Let it be done! Azeroth is done! And Warcraft was born - a fabulous and colorful world, where people of all ages flocked to experience an unforgettable adventure! But though beautiful, this world was not meant to be a paradise. It was to be plagued by terrible monsters born of nightmares! And so, Genius conceived the five Eternal Gods, and gave each of them a vast expanse of land on the planet. To one north, to another east, to a third west, and to a fourth south. But noticing that there was not enough room for the fifth, he kept him in his mind for better times.

And so the millennia passed, followed by centuries and decades; the addition chased the addition, expanding the world to include new lands and races. Although the Eternals were enslaved from the very beginning of their existence, there was no one who could defeat them fully. Then they appeared - visitors from another world who, incarnated as avatars trapped in an endless cycle of rebirth (called ress pls by the initiated, or just release by the more austere!), put an end to the first of the Forebears. While the others were not overly concerned, their fifth brother became greatly disturbed and, as he had done to N'Zoth centuries ago with the Deathwing, he began to bend his own creator, Genius, to his will.

The Nameless Fifth God knew full well that his brothers would not be able to defeat the champions. The only way out was to force them to voluntarily leave Azeroth.

Each blow against the Eternals left a bleeding wound in the souls of the warriors, for they sensed that something even worse was happening to a world that was heading in the wrong direction. For what is the most effective way to discourage the victor? By depriving him of his victory? Well, no. By taking away the joy of victory.

Each successive battle fought against evil cast the servants of darkness into oblivion, but each time those who fought on the side of good felt more and more painfully the futility of their actions. Whether they were titled champions of the Alliance, the Horde, or Azeroth itself. They could take control of castles and fortresses and wield legendary weapons. However, they were not happy anymore, as the vile whispers of the Fifth Elder spoiled every idea of the Genius.
However, the most painful were the blows to the Eternals themselves. For the Fifth noticed that although he had already done a lot, spoiling and distorting everything, the champions, although less numerous, still clung to the world, remembering its enlightened days. What was to be done? Since the past kept them here, the ties to it had to be severed!

And so it came to pass that with the deaths of the Forebears, those who were loved departed. It didn't matter that they had done terrible things in the past, the Eternal knew that they were the force that held this world together and maintained the fragile integrity of the prepaid.

Thus, the death of the first Precient, C'thun, was followed by a chain of deaths from Illidan to Kael'thas - once a great elven prince.

As the champions came to end the life of Yogg-Saron, Arthas followed in his wake, ending the adventure of Azeroth for many

Only N'Zoth remained, which troubled the Fifth. So he rebuilt the world, erasing as much as he could and attempting to change the past with the help of the foul dragons of Infinity. Even a hastily edited trailer on a tram and bending history didn't help. Some of the good warriors remained. The Fifth had at least managed to push back the end of N'Zoth for more additions, but it felt like a sad finale was inevitable.

He was not wrong. N'Zoth had fallen, but to honor his fallen brother, the Fifth had prepared a memorable epitaph for him in the hands of Genius, which once again diminished the faithful of Azeroth.

There was no more Eternal, but that did not mean the end. The Fifth wished to settle the score for all the wrongs suffered by his defeated countrymen. He struck the final blow, destroying the legend to which the world owed its greatness. Its great return was to be the return of glory. It proved to be the beginning of the end. First, he poured his genius into the vision of a reborn world that had captivated both himself and the champions left behind... only to have it ruthlessly taken from them. Not piece by piece, but at once. In one merciless swoop, wipe the smiles from their faces. Destroy the memories of their youthful years and finally sever their ties to Azeroth!

What are you saying? That this isn't a fairy tale? That the whole Reforged thing really happened? No refreshed interludes, bugs, etc.? What kind of Eternal Gods are we talking about here? And do you have a more reasonable explanation for what's going on with Warcraft? Because I don't...