Everyone is well aware of the Scarlet Crusade and its members, who like cockroaches can be trampled, killed, destroyed in every possible way.... and yet they still exist! With the leaders of the Crusade gone and the ultimate death of Balnazzar, the Crusade's arch-fanatic molder, it would seem that the Crusade will not be able to rise again.

But is it really?

The recently discovered pamphlets in the groves of Tirisfal, which the Scarlet Brotherhood claims to be the authors of, suggest that not only have the Scarlets survived, but that they are doing quite well and are planning a coup on a grand scale! Of course, as long as one believes in their conspiracy theories... Believe? Judge for yourself! Below are translations of the leaflets prepared by Ventas from the friendly Ancient Chronicle. What do they mean? Another expansion or patch dedicated to the Scarlet Brotherhood? Who could be behind it, since Inquisitor Whitemane, known to us as White-haired, and the aforementioned Balnazzar are missing? All in all, there is someone else, another Nathrezim, who has also taken advantage of the Scarlet Ones in the past and, in the guise of the missing Admiral, led them all the way to the Northern Ridge... The cunning and elusive Mal'Ganis had avoided a clash throughout the entire Burning Legion invasion. Could he still be hiding in our lands?The cursed old wolf

We'll teach the mongrel king how to paw!

It is already widely known that Anduin Wrynn is a traitor to his race and does not deserve to be titled king! That is an irrefutable fact!

So who should we put on the throne? At this point, the answer is simple - Genn the Greybeard!
We must stand by the side of the lord-lycanthrope, who, due to the curse of the night elves, is forced to spend the rest of his days in the body of a beast!

Why, you ask? I will answer!

Because, despite his many admonishments, Genn truly HATES the Abandoned! He wants the Banshee dead! Genn and I share the same goals, and he has the power to get things done!

But cast away fear, our brothers and sisters! Genn will NOT stay with us for long! We will follow him until the undead are finally exterminated!

When that longed-for day arrives, we will cut down Genn and turn our swords on the rest of his cursed spawn.

I know, our brothers and sisters, that many of you shudder with disgust at the thought of allying yourselves with the Vorgonian mongrels, but you must repress these emotions, hide them from the world...until then.

As soon as Lordaeron is cleansed of the undead dung, the Scarlet Brotherhood will complete its work and return this land to the rule of the purebloods!

Treacherous king!

The wicked ruler of Wichrogrod has betrayed us all!

The wretched King of Vichrograd dares to claim that he represents our interests with dignity. That he cares for us!

That's LIES!
Anduin Wynn has shown himself unworthy of his name and his heritage! He cares more for the undead than for his living subjects! With this act, he has betrayed us all!

This boy-king conspired with Sylvana Bieziviatr, planning to make a pact between humans and undead. This meeting in the Aratorian Highlands was planned in advance by Anduin himself, who hoped it would make him popular!

You may have heard rumors that these self-proclaimed Abandoned were murdered by the Banshee. BULLETINS! There was no massacre! No bloodshed! But Anduin wants you to believe it!

You ask: what would be the purpose of all this masquerade? We answer! Anduin wants you to feel compassion and guilt for these filthy creatures! He wants you to welcome them with open arms and give them your lands! The lands we fought for together!

Lordaeron has always belonged to the LIVING! This is our KINDNESS! Do not give credence to the lies of a FALSE king!

The Scarlet Brotherhood must put an end to Anduin's puppet rule. We call upon all to unite and rebel universally against his schemes!

The would-be queen...

Our beloved princess has become a rotting bride!

We all know that Terenas Menethil was the last true ruler of Lordaeron. Even more! He was the last GREAT king of all of Azeroth!

Unfortunately, Terenas was murdered by his own son, who lost his mind in pursuit of the undead. Yes, the same prince who murdered so many close to your hearts and then turned them into decaying MONSTERS.

And yet, there was still a glimmer of hope that the Menethil dynasty could be saved by Princess Calia - the daughter of the late Terenas, the last of the royal family!

Unfortunately, this spark was cruelly extinguished in a monstrous plot, the author of which was one of us!

Although she chose the life of a simple and holy priestess, her destiny was to rule all of Lordaeron! It is certain that the people of this holy land would rise from their knees and support her in her fight for her father's throne!
Anduin Wrynn knew this well and was afraid of confrontation. He was afraid of having his rights challenged. Therefore, he decided to exterminate Calia.

The boy-king connived with the Banshee herself, arranging a meeting between the living and the dead under the false guise of a truce.

The two-faced Wrynn seduced the Banshee into agreeing to stage a FALSE massacre, luring the benevolent Calia Menethil out of hiding!

That's when the treacherous king MURDERED our princess!

But that wasn't even the last act of Anduin's bestial plan! The degenerate had his undead lackey revive Calia as a lich! He might as well have spit on the grave of the irreverent King Terenas.

What's all this for!

Because Anduin is mad about death! He now plans to LIKE Calia's reanimated corpse, asserting his claim to the throne of Lordaeron!

The Scarlet Brotherhood will never let that happen! We will overthrow the treacherous king along with his undead puppet!
We shall shed tears over Calia's desecrated body and purify it in the fire, so that from her ashes, a new and more magnificent Lordaeron shall be born!

The last of the Menethil!

The Light Dynasty of Menethil is not extinct!

The knowledge that our beloved Princess Calia has been MURDERED by that traitor Wrynn and turned undead lingers in our hearts like a sore thorn, our brothers and sisters.

However, do not lose hope! The dynasty of King Terenas is not yet extinct!

One of the most closely guarded secrets of the royal family in the last days of Terenas' reign was Calia's secret marriage to a nobleman of Aratorian lineage!

Blinded by pride, Arthas forced his family to keep his sister's union secret until he himself had married and borne an heir to the throne. As we all know, that never happened.

However... there was a baby in the royal family!
Princess Calia has given birth to a son, yes, an HEIR to the Menethil throne!

The young prince was found and rescued by a good-natured citizen of Lordaeron. All these years, the last of Menethil has been safe under the caring and tender eye of the members of the Scarlet Brotherhood! He now resides in a place which, for obvious reasons, must remain hidden for his safety.

Our goal was to reunite a broken family. To return the son to his beloved mother! Unfortunately we were outdone by the treacherous Covenant King, who murdered Calia at the hands of his undead mistress Banshee! This monstrosity that now walks the earth is NOT Calia Menethil!

Vengeance will eventually fall upon these monsters! Lordaeron is a kingdom for the LIVING!

Light the fire of hope in your hearts, our brothers and sisters! Let it burn brightly! Once we have cleansed our lands of undead crap and the worgen curse, a new king will emerge from the shadows!

When that happens, we will finally expose the traitor Wrynn, and the throne will be given back to the TRUE king. The dynasty of Menethil will be restored!