If you want to farm gold as efficiently as possible in WoW Classic, you needed and still need a mage. The magical class can solo hundreds of enemies in dungeons like Maraudon and bomb them away. Not only does this yield lots of loot, but it also allows for lucrative boosting services

, which are in extreme demand, especially now with Burning Crusade Classic in mind.

However, the big pulls are not only possible thanks to the mage's slowing frost spells, abilities like Ice Block or Blink, or thanks to items like Blade of Eternal Darkness

. A very large part of the mages' success is also due to the crude pathfinding AI of the pulled enemies. In Zul'Gurub, for example, all it takes is a jump on the rope of a bridge and the crocodiles that were about to snap will turn around and find another way to the player.

With Burning Crusade Classic, the potential of many area spells is known to be toned down. However, the beta proves that mages still have tremendous gold farming, solo leveling, and boosting potential. For example, mages in the slave quarters of Zanga Marsh are able to level solo from level 60 to level 70. The pulls reward them with an enormous amount of experience and gold.

Blizzard saw it coming

Youtuber WillE recently addressed this issue and pulled out an exciting quote from the book "The World of Warcraft Diary" by John Staats (the first 3D level designer to work on WoW (buy now €14.99 ). As early as October 2002, Staats is said to have warned:

"It looks like the wayfinding code will have to be rewritten from scratch. Scott Hartin is not happy with the monster navigation. Suboptimal wayfinding AI would allow for exploits in dungeons. If players can find a way to deal damage to monsters without taking damage themselves, then they could exploit that specifically for loot and experience. This in turn could damage the integrity of the economy and tie character leveling to a repeatable series of exploits."

Further, Staats explains that MMO content is designed to last for months, not hours. Reaching the goal can discourage players. If there's an opportunity for a shortcut, the developer was sure even then, players will not only take advantage of that shortcut, that path will be the most popular, even if it's not fun. And if the path of least resistance isn't fun, Staats continues, then the game itself isn't fun either.

To top it off, he says, "Lazy or inexperienced developers like to blame players for ruining their game with such behavior. But that's like dog owners accusing their pets of eating unhealthy junk. "

Despite this clear assessment, the pre-launch rework of the wayfinding code obviously didn't end up at the top of Blizzard's priority list. What's your take on this: should the developers make adjustments to this code before the launch of TBC Classic, or should everything stay the same? Tell us in the comments!

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