Call me a fanboy if you want, but I've been following MadSeason's work with great pleasure for many years. He may not produce as many videos as an Asmongold, Preach, or Bellular, or be as active on Twitch as a Staysafe or Payo. But when MadSeason has posted a World of Warcraft video online in the past, the work often left a distinct mark on the community, being discussed, shared, and often highly praised.

The calm voice in the background combined with his humor and entertaining editing, which has improved tremendously over time: Even very long videos like the "Ballad" around the level boost always flew by and were a single joy. Now it's clear: MadSeason will stop with World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € )

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  • The departure of WoW has nothing to do with the recent events surrounding Blizzard and Activision Blizzard. The video was completed back on July 21, before the revelations.
  • In fact, there is supposed to be another, final WoW video so this farewell video is not the last WoW video on the channel.
  • In 2005, MadSeason had started playing WoW and had played the game for the past 16 years with almost no major breaks. Even during Warlords of Draenor, MadSeason remained loyal to WoW, during which time he started his YouTube channel out of boredom. Over the last seven years, it has developed better than he ever thought possible.
  • One reason for the subscription cancellation: The current WoW content isn't good enough for MadSeason to justify the subscription or the private time investment. Already in Battle for Azeroth he would have taken this step if WoW Classic had not been released.
  • A big problem of WoW for MadSeason is the ingame shop, respectively the services and offers that can be bought for real money. His criticism: When it comes to the progression of a character in WoW, the most important currency is no longer the time invested, but how much money you transfer towards California - for character boosts, the WoW Token or things like the Deluxe Edition of Burning Crusade Classic.
  • The WoW Token alone allows you to afford any in-game service (offered for gold) in the game (like Mythic Plus or Raid Runs). This torpedoes the integrity of the entire game and the genuine achievements of each player. Worst of all, since it's all done through the WoW token, Blizzard is directly making money off the Pay2Win while criticizing and discouraging real-money-only services.
  • Shadowlands itself is definitely an improvement over BfA. But the bottom line is that it has improved far too little. It's just absurd what you can buy for real money in the in-game shop directly or via detours via WoW tokens.
  • While WoW Classic got by without these destructive microtransactions (and MadSeason had a lot of fun with the vanilla remake accordingly), TBC Classic has been riddled with paid character boosts, clone services, and offerings like the Deluxe Edition (mount included). To him, that's a slap in the face to the Classic community. He's certain: this is just the beginning. Sooner or later, there will be the WoW token for Classic content. And that's exactly what would devalue all the time investment he's made in TBC Classic up to this point in one fell swoop.
  • Even before MadSeason, many Classic fans were putting the brakes on and letting their subscriptions lapse because of TBC Classic's microtransactions. Including some friends of MadSeason, with whom he still had immense fun in Classic. And who likes to play an MMORPG alone ... ?
  • Just staying on the WoW Classic Era servers is not a very attractive option for MadSeason, as there are so few players there that you can't even get simple dungeon groups full.
  • Also fun-blocking: Because Blizzard not only earns from the WoW token, but also from the subscriptions of the bot users, the overall bot situation will also never noticeably improve. All the more thanks to the character boost for TBC Classic. After all, you have to keep the bots "working" long enough to make signing up for a new subscription plus boost after the ban worth it for the operators.
  • So with TBC Classic, Blizzard is already repeating the mistakes that made the last retail expansions for MadSeason hard to digest. If it continued to produce videos on WoW, they would have to deal with the problems over and over again. But should the channel really only be characterized by this disgruntled tone anymore!
  • Over the past few years, the channel has become more and more of a WoW Classic channel as MadSeason has become less and less comfortable with retail WoW. A lot of time, passion, and more time has gone into the 600+ WoW videos. However, thanks to the above, the passion for WoW Classic is slowly diminishing, which would inevitably affect the time invested as well as the quality of the videos at some point. Before it comes to that, MadSeason would rather pull the ripcord.
  • In the future, MadSeason could rather focus on projects that already exist in script form, but for which there hasn't been time yet - thanks to WoW Classic.
  • There is also a personal reason for the WoW ending, but MadSeason doesn't want to go into it. Just so much: It's hard, but it also gives the Youtuber a new perspective on the things that really matter and that you want to put all your heart and soul and time into. No more compromises or exceptions, no more standing still. Instead, want focus on the things you love. And since a lot of time has been spent on WoW in the last 16 years, there's a lot of catching up to do.

The outro then comes completely without text and should get under the skin of any longtime MadSeason viewer. Do you understand the content creator's criticism? Is that why you also let your WoW subscription expire? Tell us in the comments!

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