In our alpha adventure through some of the most atmospheric lands, we find ourselves in one of the prettiest - the Night Fae-inhabited Ardenweald, or as you prefer in the native tongue of Allknieja - the lands of Fairyland.

Magical Forest is the third storyline land of the new addition.
It is responsible for hibernation, regeneration and reincarnation of nature. The creatures connected with nature end up here - Wild Gods, Druids and even Hunters.
Souls at first are reborn as wildseed. Placed in the forests under huge trees absorbing anima, the dead hibernate. Once the regeneration process is complete, they reincarnate as an animal by "hatching" from the seed. Alternatively, if their soul is strong enough they may retain fully or partially the form they had when alive.

Circle of life and retcons

This whole process is a bit problematic in terms of the plot. We already have a system on Azeroth responsible for the reincarnation of nature's souls - the Emerald Dream. According to Blizzard, it is somehow related to All-New, being its opposite.
Blizzard additionally stated at Blizzcon that Cenarius, after his death at the hands of Grommash in Warcraft 3, was reborn in the Shadowlands, not the Dream - which is potentially a retcon given that in the Lunar Glade we contact him through the Emerald Dream.
The Quests, however, imply a potential solution to this conundrum. Firstly, the Emerald Dream only applies to natives of Azeroth, and secondly, if someone died while somehow "disconnected" from the nature of our titan (e.g. by being warped by the Legion), then their soul goes directly to the All-New.

Relatives and friends of Rabbit

But leaving aside the intricacies of the history of dying (remember, the Titan Chronicles can always be false!) let's move on to the inhabitants of our Forest of Death.
The land is ruled by the Queen of Winter - her power is responsible for the cycle of reincarnation. She is aided in managing this process by the Fairyfolk Pact, itself divided into two smaller "factions" - The Fairies taking care of the wild seeds, and the Wild Gon - consisting of the Sylvar and Vorkai races (the equivalents of our Satyrs and Driads) the All-New army whose task is to protect the land.

Dead (and problematic) nature

Why would anyone need an army in a land of peace and rebirth?
Regeneration is a difficult path - the pains of a soul maturing in a wild seed manifest themselves as a nightmare - the same one that caused a lot of trouble for the druids in Azeorth. The drought caused by the lack of supply of anime has angered the local fauna, and in the meantime the Drusts, known from Kul'Tiras, have decided to take advantage of the crisis to seize power in the land.

We, the Mortal, find ourselves in such a happy little village and quickly find an unusual, newly arrived wild seed, which for unknown reasons merges with our soul and manifests exceptionally strong Nightmares. So our main task will be to discover the truth about the mysterious seed, and to help the inhabitants of All-England with their temporal problems.