Darkness everywhere, deafness everywhere...

For unknown reasons, Blizzard after Bastion decided to give us in the alpha Shadowlands to test the last of the lands in which we'll be leveling up - Revendreth. It's quite an interesting decision considering that the story in the add-on is supposed to be linear, so we don't know how and why we end up in the vampire realm. But who cares when this land is one of the most atmospheric places currently available in the game.

While Bastion was based on ancient Greece, Revendreth was inspired by early horror films from the turn of the 20th century. Soaring roofs, dark forests shrouded in frosty fog, gloomy cemeteries - admittedly we've already seen this in Silverpine or Gilneas, but this time Blizzard has outdone itself with the atmosphere. Revendreth is filled with classic horror, complemented by many references to films and horror literature.

Venthyrs - vampire penitents

The main inhabitants of Revendreth are the Venthyr - pale skinned, gloomy creatures resembling vampires, taken straight from the typical early tales of bloodsuckers. They look like Nosferatu, have Hungarian-Volossian names, dwarf servants, pompous manner combined with fearsome power. However, they do not crave blood... but sins. Their leader and creator is Master Denathrius, who himself looks like the illegitimate child of Illidan and Arthas.

The Revendreath is given to sinful souls in whom the Arbiter has seen some chance for improvement. At the beginning, each soul is given a tombstone with their true name engraved on it, as well as a list of all the sins they committed during their lifetime.

Such a sinstone, besides being the proverbial crutch, is also a major element in rehabilitation. Venthyrs dealing with guiding the sinner on the right path, read his transgressions inflicting him at the same time indescribable, psychic "pain". Some, unable to endure such "uncompromising" methods of correction, try to escape - on them regular "penance hunts" are arranged, serving in Revendreth as a kind of macabre sport.

The individual who atones for all his faults later joins the ranks of the Venthyr. His tombstone, however, does not disappear, forever remaining a testimony of who he once was.

A mortal in the land of sin

Revendreth is the last location, in which we'll have to level up. I can't tell you too much about its plot without giving away minor or major spoilers. However, the general plot axis is very reminiscent of Bastion - once again we find ourselves in a world where the disruption in the flow of anime caused by the "grand plan of Jailor / Sylvanas" led to a small civil war. Additionally, the matter is aggravated by the fact that for unknown reasons the western part of the land is being taken over by the Light, which drives our vampire allies crazy.

Since Blizzard hasn't released the ending scenario yet, we don't know how we'll get from there to Maw (the ending land is permanently visible in the sky). It will probably be related to the visit to Oribos and the final choice of the Pact we want to work with. Time will tell.