As a fire mage the meta class par excellence and with over 2.2k also a respectably high Rio score. Actually, the perfect conditions to find a suitable group for a few 22 keystones in the internal search tool of WoW, you would think. However, if you apply to a total of 1,000 groups and are only invited once, something is fundamentally wrong. The whole thing happened to a player who gave free rein to his displeasure on reddit.
After some players first doubted that the numbers were even close to correct, a number of very experienced M+Players joined the discussion and explained why the pure numbers may not be accurate, but the problem is quite realistic and not uncommon. However, they said, one should not make the mistake of extrapolating this to the broad mass of players. It's a problem that really only comes into play at very high levels.
But let's take a closer look.

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Search tool? More like "cherry-picking" tool!

If you're looking for a group in the search tool, you're going to face some stiff competition. Especially as a damage distributor, there are always more players signing up than there are slots available. Of course, the decision-makers of the groups automatically go for the players from whom they expect the best performance. That's understandable, and you can't blame the players. But since you don't usually know the contenders, other factors have to be used for evaluation. This can be the Rio score, the item level of the equipment, achievements or the choice of class and play style.

Up to this point, probably all of us know this. Ever tried to get into a high keystone as a non-meta class with a low Rio score? Not a chance. And then at higher levels, things get a lot more critical. Because for one thing, the sheer amount of groups decreases rapidly once you start hanging around in the area above level 20. For another, player performance is more important. The higher the stone, the fewer mistakes groups can afford to make.

Enormous demands at high levels

Because the demands at high levels are huge, most groups leave nothing to chance and don't use the search tool at all. Instead, organized groups roam the dungeons, gathering through various communities or other forums. In most cases, the search function is only used when, for example, one of the players drops out and you need a replacement at short notice. And getting into these groups is not only difficult, but almost impossible. Several very experienced players have told us what they look for before inviting a player into their group. Because this goes far beyond what the 08/15 player looks for in their 15 dungeon.

Meta class or nothing! If you're looking for a group in the tool at such high levels (22+) and don't have an actual meta class to show for it, you're actually wasting your time. Because his chances of being taken along are at most just over zero. The vast majority of players in the discussion freely admit this and don't even try to refute this accusation. No meta class, no chance. That's the motto of many groups. Of course, you can understand such decisions, even if the absolute pro-players keep reiterating how small the differences in class choice really are. However, most groups have based their tactics and strategy on the meta classes. Any change in setup would then entail a change in tactics, which most groups thankfully forgo.

And of course, even beyond level 22, the Rio score matters. However, this needs to be potentially higher than intended for the dungeon. Players who have completed all dungeons at level 21 (as in the example above) do not qualify for a 22 dungeon in the eyes of many players. Most group leaders want to see that a potential teammate has already successfully mastered what they want to tackle together. So improving one's Rio score to that level is almost impossible via randoms.

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Perfect is just good enough

But that's far from all the group leaders pay attention to. They also take a look at the stones used to earn the rating and how much experience they have with other affixes. This is because many players use so-called push weeks, where the affixes are very easy, to push their rating as high as possible. However, experienced party leaders don't let this blind them. If you're looking for a group beyond level 22 in a Tyrannical week, it won't do you much good if your highest tiles were all buff keys. Some group leaders even go so far as to look at how good and experienced the teammates were at the higher keystones. If the applicant may have "snuck" a high score by having very strong teammates, he falls right out.

It is also interesting to note that a player's reputation is again much more important in the high regions. The circle of players who regularly complete level 22 and higher is not so small that you know everyone by name, but it is still so manageable that you meet again regularly. Uncomfortable or toxic players are not easily forgotten. Since many of the players are well connected, word gets around quickly about potential troublemakers and they are no longer considered in the selection process. The mage, for example, who ventilated on reddit, was also quickly recognized by some players as someone who definitely puts down a "Rage-Quit" every now and then when something doesn't suit him.

Conclusion: Homemade problem for few players

The amount of players running dungeons at such high levels is basically manageable. Even fewer of them even use the integrated search function. These players have a perfectly realistic problem finding the appropriate groups. However, this problem is rather homemade. WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

has always been a group game, in which many content needs the right players. The higher the difficulty level, the more important a well-rehearsed group. What is as clear as day for raids is also true for Mythic-Plus dungeons. No one is going to complain about not being able to find a successful rnd group for Mythic Denathrius - even though the tool would give you the option to search. If you're that high level, at a certain point you just can't get anywhere without a solid group. You should be aware of that. And in case of need there is still the possibility to play your own key. In that case, you can choose your teammates yourself and decide whether you'd rather pack an arcane mage and a survival hunter instead of a fire mage and a balance druid.Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thank you!

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