A mini-ban wave seems to be rolling over the BC Classic servers. Players who have been collecting honor and badges on Battlegrounds in an apathetic or organized manner have now received mail from Blizzard. An 8-day ban has been issued for being AFK on the Battlegrounds. This wave of bans reportedly affects players who have been actively participating in the game and therefore seems arbitrary to many. The length of the suspension means that some BC Classic players may miss the official launch on June 2.
WoW BC Classic: 8 Day Bans for AFK Players and Collusion in PvP (2) Source: r/MissionAssured At the launch of the pre-patch for BC Classic and the switch to era servers, BC Classic players were able to farm an enormous amount of honor via battlegrounds. This led to collusion for quick wins in Arathi Basin and other battlegrounds. Some groups removed all of their gear so opponents could get honorable wins faster. The amount of honor received was quickly generated by the developers. However, players can still stock up on the powerful Rank 14 weapons, just not as quickly.

In preparation for Burning Crusade's first PvP season, PvP players have been spending time collecting 100 badges from each battleground faction to convert into honor at the launch of BC. This allows you to stock up on some PvP items right at launch. In doing so, there were apparently so many inactive players that some had the report button glowing. Others were reported for their organized "Naked Groups".

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On reddit players claim their innocence, but also report to have been part of the addressed organized groups that played without any equipment at all. The period of 8 days is not randomly chosen, but shows that Blizzard is cracking down on these groups.