14 months after the release of an expansion and umpteen level 60 characters later, you spend most of your time in WoW Shadowlands dealing with the endgame and often don't really realize what problems newcomers, but also frequent players, have to deal with. The best example is the important lore quests, which were simply removed in patch 9.1. This makes the already confusing Shadowlands lore even more confusing for newcomers and returnees. Another aspect of the game that is now outdated, but continues to be forced upon new players, is the BfA campaign.

BfA compulsion on multiple levels unnecessary and confusing for new players

More and more posts are popping up in the WoW Reddit that see no point in the BfA compulsion. The BfA story is meant to make the events surrounding Shadowlands more understandable to brand new players. That's a nice idea, but do players really understand all the connections without watching several additional lore videos on YouTube?

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As mentioned earlier, the developers have decided to remove even important Shadowlands storylines. Does forcing players to play BfA make any sense then? What players are particularly pissed off about, however, is flying.

Suddenly unable to fly - bug or feature?

In order for players to explore new zones extensively and perceive them better, the developers are turning off the option to fly in fresh content. If you move more slowly and don't fly over everything, you'll see more of the area. At least, that's the thought of the devs. As can be seen in said Reddit thread, new players are rather confused by the sudden flight lock


At level 30, players learn Experienced Riding from the Flight Master, which grants them the ability to (slowly) fly. Once they arrive in Zandalar and Kul Tiras respectively, they quickly have to return to the ground mount, because the flight permit for Kul Tiras and Zandalar cannot be bought from the trainer. The problem is, however, that this is not explained to them in the game. "Seriously, how are new players expected to tell the difference between bugs and core game design?" writes the thread creator in the WoW Reddit forum. How are new players expected to know if it's a bug or feature?

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What do you think about the flight ban for more or less important story sections for new players? Should the BfA content still be a must for newcomers? Write us in the comments.

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