Now the cat is out of the bag, even if it was already hinted at before: WoW Burning Crusade Classic will launch in this country on June 2, 2021 at 00:00. This opens up WoW veterans and newcomers alike to conquer Outland for themselves, gamble Draenei and Blood Elves, and play some of the most challenging content of an entire era. Can you stand up to Gruul? Push Magtheridon into the dirt? Are you prepared?

Pre-Patch on May 19, 2021

After maintenance on May 19, 2021, the preparation patch will be active on the Classic servers, and that means it's up to you. Because you have to decide whether you want to switch to Burning Crusade with your Heroes, whether you want them to move to a Classic Era realm with patch level 1.13.6, or whether you want to have both and thus use the clone service.
WoW Burning Crusade Classic release schedule Source: Blizzard
A character clone is a snapshot of a character's state at the time of the Burning Crusade pre-patch release. So you decide if you want him to remain a Classic character or become a Burning Crusade Reckoner. If you only want to choose one of these two options, then the process is free. If you want to activate both clones, on the other hand, then there will be a fee.

There are a few limitations to the process. If you accidentally activate the wrong clone, then this cannot be undone. If you transfer to a Classic Era realm, you will be without a guild - you will have to recreate them. A Burning Crusade character cannot transfer to an Era server, and the reverse is also not possible. Inactive clones can be hidden, but count against a realm's character limit. Characters created after the May 19, 2021 pre-patch cannot be cloned, including Alliance Shamans and Horde Paladins. You can also find all information about clones in our overview.