Recently, the Blizzard managers had once again sent a survey to selected WoW fans. This time, the questions revolve around fresh servers for WoW Classic, on which all players start at level 1. The questions hint at what the implementation of the servers might look like, and indeed some of the planned changes read very well. There's just one problem ....

Fresh Classic servers inc!

The idea to offer fresh Classic servers in addition to the already existing Classic era servers comes directly from the community. Or more precisely: from the private server community. There, it was quite common to start over again and again on new servers - similar to the seasons of Diablo 3, for example. The attraction is to build up a new server community together with other players, to explore the content alongside other vanilla enthusiasts once again and to master the challenges a bit more efficiently or with special adjustments (such as a higher difficulty level). For these players, the real goal is not Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas, but the path.

Due to persistent questions on the topic, Blizzard had already stated months ago that the developers wanted to address the issue of "fresh Classic servers" as soon as the launch of TBC Classic was through. At the latest with the recent survey it seems certain that besides Shadowlands, Classic Era (with stand Classic Phase 6) and Burning Crusade Classic, fresh Classic servers will soon be part of the WoW subscription. Later on, there might be more new additions, like Wrath of the Lich King Classic and fresh TBC Classic servers. So if there's not something for everyone ...

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Fresh Classic, Better Classic

With the fresh Classic servers, the developers do not want to offer a one-to-one experience that we already had with the first WoW Classic cycle. True to the motto #somechanges, there should be adjustments that could positively influence the game experience. In the course of the survey, Blizzard also reveals which changes these could be in detail: more experience points when leveling, no world buffs in raid instances, an increased debuff cap for bosses, an increased difficulty level in dungeons and raid instances, summoning stones in front of all dungeon entrances, a barbershop for character customization, the original Alterac Valley design, increased gold and item drop rates, and even a black market auction house for cosmetic items are under discussion.

Some of these items specifically mitigate weaknesses of vanilla WoW or slightly increase convenience. Others make you more efficient at getting gold, experience, and loot. The latter changes could come into play if Blizzard releases the six content phases on the fresh Classic servers much faster than they did on the first realms. There was a point for this in the poll as well: do we want a Classic cycle of 22 months, 12 months, or 6 months? In all of these cases, there will be another "Fresh Start" of the Classic servers, which brings us back to the seasons of Diablo 3, which are now in their 24th round.

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Sounds great, but it's too late.

Most of the points just mentioned sound very exciting to my ears (apart from the black market auction house, no Orc needs that) and could actually enrich a renewed Classic experience. However, for me personally, these fresh Classic servers come too late. I'm more than busy enough with Burning Crusade Classic as well as Shadowlands in the coming months. If the Sunwell Plateau is ever mastered, I'll probably look more towards Wrath of the Lich King Classic. After all, I've only had my dose of Classic nostalgia for just under two years now. Many players will feel the same way.

But then, who might the fresh Classic servers appeal to? For some hardcore vanilla fans, the first WoW (buy now €14.99)

Classic wasn't vanilla enough. That certainly won't change with all the new features just listed. No, when it comes to fresh Classic servers, then Blizzard should have focused first on TBC Classic in my view. There was a larger group of players there before launch who would have been eager to get started on a new realm with like-minded people. On a server that didn't already have tens of players gearing up with twinks, quests, and gold for the Outland adventure. Where the economy starts from scratch and newcomers have a chance to connect. Maybe all that will come, but even then it will be too late in my view, unfortunately.

How do you feel about the fresh Classic servers? Would you want to start from scratch on a new realm? Would you like to see a seasonal WoW Classic cycle? What changes should Blizzard make, and what changes should they not make? Write us your thoughts in the comments!

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