With Cross Faction Gameplay

, Blizzard pulls the ripcord on the issue of faction imbalance. It had to happen somehow, otherwise the Alliance raid scene would have died out even further over time. Now, the Alliance side may become more populated again.

Many welcome this change, but I also see some serious dangers behind it. As we all know, WoW (buy now )

can't keep anything down, "WoW can only kill itself", they always say so nicely. Removing the faction boundaries that are the foundation of Warcraft could be such a death blow.

No return

Yes, basically the Horde and Alliance have stood side by side several times, and even in the BfA expansion, which had a Horde vs. Alliance hook at the beginning, the two sides ended up working together again.

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Even though cross-faction gameplay doesn't mean that the Horde and Alliance now love each other forever, the theme of faction conflict is no longer a credible sell for all eternity. That's a strong point, considering WoW could run for another 18 years. Another big issue is RP players.

They may not make up the bulk of the player base, but some will find cross-faction gameplay sour grapes. For example, I read from some in the wow-reddit forum that as an alliance player, a horde player is just as big an enemy as the dungeon master. Suddenly a lot of damage has been done in this area of the game as well.

Opposite effect?

How cross-faction play is implemented will go a long way toward determining the success or failure of the feature. Assuming that grouping turns out to be a bit too complicated and the adherence to pure Alliance and Horde guilds persists, cross faction gameplay could even end up thinning out the Alliance even further


Because now Alliance players will be even more tempted to play with the Horde. They get to enjoy what it's like to have a wider pool of teammates. Having to keep adding every new Horde player to the Battle.net list and not seeing their teammates in the guild in the end might make switching to the Horde make more sense than the complicated cross-faction whining. What do you think? Are mixed guilds a must for cross-faction gameplay, or will we all soon find ourselves in communities more often and the Alliance will be more populated again?

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