Even though a lot of things went differently than usual last year due to Corona, one thing remains certain: The Winter Veil Festival in World of Warcraft ends on January 2, 2021. So if you spent the holidays and the quiet time at the turn of the year with your family and haven't logged back into World of Warcraft during the festivities, you should do so as soon as possible.

Winter breath 2020: A cute baby raptor and a toy under the tree

Under the festively decorated Christmas tree in Ogrimmar and Ironforge, there are still unwrapped presents waiting for you. This year there is a cute pet, the baby raptor Jingles, as well as a toy called "Wreath-A-Rang". Jingles wears a wintry pine wreath around his neck and a candy cane in his claw to spread Christmas cheer. The toy, on the other hand, can be used to throw a pine wreath to another player, which will then return to you like a boomerang. The wreath, decorated with a red ribbon, will then fly straight through the air to the friendly player before coming back to you.

If you've missed out on the Winter Veil Festival in 2020 so far, you can still complete various activities, engage in snowball fights, collect a new Pepe costume, capture the Christmas hats, or complete the various Winter Veil achievements until tomorrow. For a list of all Achievements including guides, the rewards from the Winter Veil Festival, and the quests you'll receive from the event NPCs, check out our separate article on the winter holiday event.

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