WoW: Dragonflight focuses on dragon riding, a playable dragon race, the newly visitable continent of the Dragon Isles and more - the dragon theme is clear. So it's not surprising that Lore fans are looking at WoW's history for dragon candidates that could play a role again in the new expansion. Furorion, Alexstrasza and Kalecgos are definitely in the mix, but what about ... Sindragosa


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Danuser on Sindragosa: interview slip-up or a slip of the tongue?

In fact, this is a curious question. After all, the former consort of Malygos was already dead before the launch of WoW (buy now )

, slain by Deathwing and the power of the Dragon Soul. And in WotLK, she was defeated by us once again as the undead leader of the Frost Swarm. However, a Twitter interview by streamer Taliesin with Steve Danuser - Narrative Lead of WoW - had an interesting moment in this regard:

Taliesin: I think a lot about dragons and our experiences with dragons, and Sindragosa is apparently a pretty prominent character in the upcoming expansion. [...]
Steve Danuser:

Well, the Sindragosa that you'll be interacting with over the course of Dragon Isles is
-Taliesin: I meant - sorry - I meant Alexstrasza. I'm so sorry, I just misspoke.
Steve Danuser: Oh, okay, okay, that

's fine. Cinematic appearance: This skeletal dragon is Sindragosa. 01:35
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Sindragosa in Dragonflight - another hint

In response, Steve Danuser simply continued talking about Alexstrasza, but it seems very much as if he actually wanted to tell something when asked about Sindragosa. It is possible, of course, that both Taliesin and Steve Danuser were simply thinking of Alexstrazsa. Whereby this is already very suspicious for the Narrative Lead, who explicitly pronounces the name as Sindragosa once again in the answer.

Especially since the story around Kalecgos is supposed to take us from the Blue Dragonflight to a place called Sindragosa's Library, as Blizzard's Deep Dive explains. Together with Danuser's description of the "Sindragosa you will interact with," this suggests an alternate version. Are we meeting some kind of ghost, vision, or quasi-AI that resides in the library?

You can listen to the interview with Steve Danuser again on Twitter Spaces. What do you guys think? Is it more likely that it was just a misunderstanding? Or would a return of Sindragosa not be so far-fetched, after all, Kalecgos has been keeping Sindragosa's Crystalline Essence since the end of WotLK. Tell us your theories in the comments!

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