A comfortable morning mood prevails in the Halls of Atonement. Venthyr shuffle through the gloomy corridors drinking coffee and sweeping aside at a leisurely pace the remnants of the previous night, including scores of shot arrows, empty potion flasks, severed limbs, and even a dead gnome.

A few rooms away, the head chamberlain is arranging his crown of hair and just slipping from his sheepskin pajamas into the familiar heavy red cloak when a polite knock sounds at his room door. "Nja, hereinutnmorg'n," yawns the boss of the dungeon, accepting from his secretary the plan for today's Mythic Plus dungeon runs. A few protection paladins, a couple of restoration shamans, and a huge pile of fire mages - the usual stuff.

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"Thanks, Otto. Tell the girls and guys to close all the doors that lead to other dungeon areas, as always. We need a nice simple tube so players don't get too confused." A sage nod sends the secretary's chisel-like chin bobbing up and down. "Of course, sir. I still remember with horror the windrunner monk, last week." The chief chamberlain shudders and takes a large sip of espresso. "Don't remind me. The guy wanted to 'explore the dungeon' and 'experience a story.' I'm sometimes not sure players know we're running a franchise here. Everything has to run smoothly from start to finish so that the adventuring party is transported to my boss room as if on a water slide, straightforwardly and as quickly as possible. That reminds me ..." His gaze moves from the daily schedule to his subordinate. "Did we set the timers right? I could have sworn that the last group last night took their time and even had fun doing it. "

With one hand on his chest, the secretary snorts contemptuously


"I personally set the time limit a little tighter. Fun, ha! You'll get there!" "Good." Creaks fill the room as the head chamberlain slowly rises from his chair. "We want to stress the players as much as possible. Everyone knows that's the only way they'll appreciate the items they've earned. The more stress, the better. I want adventurers to see only numbers in their mind's eye, and that terms like 'world design' or 'variety' don't even come up. What is World of Warcraft (buy now )

?" "Hard work, sir!" snorts the secretary, as if shot out of a pistol. "Excellent. Then let's stress players!" The red coat rattles as the chamberlain rushes out of the room. 01:00WoW
: Official video preview of mega dungeon Tazavesh.

"GOGOGO!" The words echo sharply off the dungeon walls as the fire mage pummels the nearest mob group with flaming death. Desperation is written in the Guardian Druid's eyes as he plunges down a narrow corridor, temple veins throbbing, pulling one group after another. Behind the group, the Holy Priest proves that night elves are descended from the common chameleon as he manages to stare at the life bars in front of him with one eye and the timer above him with the other. When the dwarven rogue of the group notices the healer's twisted eyes, he briefly wonders if his friend is having a stroke. Then he shrugs and stabs the nearest Venthyr. After all, the mage has just yelled "GOGOGO!" one more time, and he doesn't want to embarrass himself by letting go of his "W" key. In his chamber, the supreme chamberlain nods approvingly. This is what modern gameplay looks like! Classic dungeons still had a cool theme, but often stood on their own. This meant that players didn't miss out on a story and still had fun. Source: buffed


Design and Dungeon Construction

The dungeons in WoW stink, and no, we don't exclusively mean the Mythic Plus variant


This is where the infamous "Gogogo" mentality is amplified, but it started far longer ago. We mean the normal, classic dungeons that we all visit an estimated three hundred times during the leveling phase. From lack of healers to "tank xiety" to eternal queues, the good old dungeons deserve a deep clean that will make them more attractive again. In this article, we'll cover the best ways to improve dungeons and make them more stress-free - without making them "easier" per se, mind you, because only when things get a little crispy does the famous "flow state" occur that makes a dungeon visit a memorable experience. We take into account both good old acquaintances like the Flex model, as well as oddities like the tankless and healerless three-man scenarios from Mists of Pandaria.

We also dig into the history of dungeons themselves, from Heroic Dungeons to Challenge Mode to Mythic, ending with the dungeon design of the granddaddy of all MMORPGs and the Holy Dungeon Trinity: Dungeons & Dragons. Grab your compass and your ruler, because today we're going to devote ourselves to level and group design.

On page 2, we'll first address the question of why we visit dungeons in the first place.

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