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. Aversion2. Northern Sky3. Hope n Despair4. HorizonThe

World First Race in the Sanctuary of Domination is entering its hot phase. Especially the back bosses are causing headaches for the pros. Currently, the eternal rivals Limit and Echo are fighting for the first place. But Method and the newly formed Chinese guild Aster are also hot on their heels.

But how are the German guilds doing? Below, we'll show you the most successful German-speaking guilds and explain where you can find the streams of the individual guilds and players.

Update July 19, 2021:

Some members of the guild Aversion have to go back to work this week. As a result, raids will not start until 5pm starting on 7/19. Aversion's stream will start at 4:30pm.


The guild Aversion from the server Blackhand has been very successful for a long time. However, the guild got a real boost when they switched to daytime raiding. Since the Battle for Azeroth expansion, Aversion members have been playing during the day for the first few days, giving them a huge advantage over guilds that can't log in until closing time.

But that's only one reason why Aversion is so successful right now. The team has spent a lot of time preparing for the new raid. In addition, Aversion is one of a few guilds where the raid leader is the "21st man" coach. Nexxzz doesn't play himself, but observes the action from the outside. This allows him to better focus on making the right announcements.

Currently, the Aversion team starts raiding around 12:00pm and doesn't stop until the late evening hours. If you want to follow the action live, you can tune into Aversion's stream. There you can see the race from different angles of the individual members. The whole thing is commented by some well-known personalities of the German scene. Doctorio, Meeix, Knoff and Lythi are among the commentators. The commentators are all experienced raiders, so they will explain the reasons behind the wipes, for example. They also keep you up to date on the World First Race.

The stream is great for people who don't raid much themselves. Everything is really explained in detail here. But the stream is also very informative for die-hard PvE players. You can learn the tactics for the different bosses and get a lot of background information, e.g. why the pros of Aversion have chosen this strategy.

At the end of the stream (usually between 00:00 and 01:00), the commentators will have a short talk with raid leader Nexxzz about the day's events. This way, you can learn a few tricks of the trade from the raid leader himself.

Some of the members of Aversion will also be streaming themselves. You'll be able to watch the race from the perspective of a representative of your class. Check out the Aversion Twitch team page to see who is streaming.

Nexxzz: Raidlead(Coach)


Nexxzz, you can't directly get tricks for a class. But the view of a raid leader is very interesting. You can listen to the announcements and get a feeling for which mechanics are particularly tricky.

MatteoDruid: Range (mainly balance druid)
Newcomer Matteo mostly travels as an owl. Outside of the World First Race, he likes to have a chat with his Twitch community or organize joint raids with his viewers.

Fullxo: Healer (mostly mistcaster monk/priest)
Full is one of the healers in Aversion. You thought a Mistcaster Monk had no business being in a progression raid? Full will convince you otherwise!

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Northern Sky

Table of Contents1

. Aversion2. Northern Sky3. Hope n Despair4. HorizonIn addition to

Aversion, there are other German-speaking guilds that always play very high up. However, these guilds only raid after hours and are therefore more likely to be in the top 50, which is of course still quite an achievement.

One of these guilds is Northern Sky, which also resides on the Blackhand server. What makes Northern Sky special is that there are a lot of players streaming there. The players are also active on Twitch outside of raid times and are happy to answer all questions about WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

and raiding.

On the Twitch team page of Northern Sky you can see who is currently live.

Among others, the following players are participating:

Senfiowl: Raidlead (Owl)
Just like Nexxzz, you can see the raid from the perspective of the raid leader. The only difference is that Senfi is playing himself, so you'll get some decent owl action here as well.

Nyxhy: Range (Shadow Priest)
Nyxhy is currently doing most of the raiding as Shadow
In addition to the raids, he streams daily starting at 08:00 and then takes the time to answer any questions viewers may have.

Battletaure: Range (Hunter/Balance Druid)
Battletaure has been active on Twitch for a long time and is known to get into some shenanigans with his community
On Northern Sky, he's currently playing the hunter. But he also raids or plays M+ dungeons with his owl.

Ponkyponky: Demon
HunterPonkyponky is also very active on Twitch outside of raid times
Most of the time he plays his demon hunter.

Hope n Despair

The Blackmoore guild Hope n Despair has been very successful for years


In the Sanctum of Domination they are once again fighting for a good ranking in the top 50. However, they do not stream during raid times.


The newly formed Horizon guild plays on the Thrall server


Most of the members are from the guild ad hoc gaming. Find out why a new guild was formed and a lot of other interesting info about the new guild in this conversation between Geezax and Lanyx.

The raids will be streamed on Horizon's Twitch page.

All streams are free, of course. But if you want to support the guilds or individual players, they're happy to have a Twitch subscription. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can even subscribe to one channel each month for free. So go for it!

How do you like the World First Race? And which guild are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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