If you want to play WoW, you can't avoid creating a Battle.net account. This is not only for logging into World of Warcraft, but also for all other Blizzard games. At the same time, you can use it to communicate with your friends, even if they're not playing WoW, but Overwatch or Starcraft, for example. In itself, this is a fine thing. However, the whole system had a weak point, if the communication between the regions was simply not possible. From a European Battle.net account you could not talk to a friend who created a US account at the time.

However, this is now possible. Blizzard has recently rebuilt Battle.net to work across all regions. Of course, this begs the question, why do they stubbornly continue to keep the division into different regions in other places? Because it's nice that I can communicate with my US friends via Battle.net, but playing together would be even nicer.

Technical problems prevent the merge

At least the friends list works across regions. Source: buffed

Of course, developers have also been asked why there is still an outmoded separation between regions today. The short and unsatisfactory answer is usually that it is technically very, very costly to merge the different regions. And not only technical problems exist. Duplication of various data is also a problem, the solution of which would mean a lot of work.

Now, of course, we are not experts in 20 year old server structures and therefore cannot understand if this is really the reason. But it should indeed be costly. Because if it were easy to accomplish, Blizzard might not necessarily make it happen, but would certainly try to make money off of it - but more on that in a moment.

At least progression or character transfer?

Most players have come to terms with the fact that the regions will remain separate. However, many would like to see at least a softening of the boundaries. Just like it started between the servers. If you move from the States to Europe, or vice versa, you basically have two options. New account and start from scratch, or play on a server of the old region, which brings an immensely high latency with it. In addition, he can then not play together with his perhaps newly made friends from real life. Both stupid.
If there is money to be made, Blizzard is not far away. So if it was technically easy, it would certainly be offered to us for real money. Source: buffed
As a middle ground, many players would at least like the possibility to connect the servers of different regions with each other and to be able to perform character transfers. So when moving or changing the region to be able to take the characters (and in the best case also the achievements and the like). And here it turns out that there seem to be really massive technical hurdles.
For such a transfer, Blizzard could probably charge a few euros more than for a normal character transfer, without the outcry being particularly large. And easy money has never been left lying around at Blizzard.

So we don't know exactly where the hurdles are and how big they are, but we're sure they exist. Therefore, the merger of the regions in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

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