After many high-ranking developers had to leave Blizzard in the course of the sexism scandal last year, the bloodletting continued constantly in the following months. Some developers turned away from their former employer because of the events, while others looked for new challenges in the industry regardless.

Russ Petersen is the next high-ranking employee to leave the Californian developer studio.

The reaction is likely to be ambivalent. In his Blizzard career, the lead reward designer was jointly responsible for several features that were not very well received by the community - for example, the Azerite armor, war fronts, and the Heart of Azeroth.

Light and shadow

However, Petersen will also be remembered for some of the better features of the past few years. For example, he is responsible for the current design of the Great Treasury and was instrumental in the island expeditions we visited in Battle for Azeroth.

Petersen also had a hand in the implementation of groups, communities, and the game's own integrated voice channel. Before joining Blizzard, he not only worked as a developer at Carbine Studios, but was also part of the Elitist Jerks forum, from which the current game director Ion Hazzikostas comes.

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By the way, in his farewell post via Twitter, Russ Petersen did not reveal why he is turning his back on Blizzard after more than ten years, nor what plans he has for his future. However, we are relatively sure that Petersen will remain in the gaming industry. Perhaps we will see him again soon in one of the studios of former Blizzard developers - Dreamhaven, for example.

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