The Burning Legion returns! Starting Wednesday, December 8, the Legion Time Walk event

will be available in the current World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, where you can not only take a nostalgic journey through once-popular dungeons, but also pick up high-level quest rewards. A sort of "heroic" mode awaits you in the Time Walks, as in these dungeons your character will be scaled down to a fraction of his normal power. Dungeons that you have long outgrown will challenge your skills for the first time in years. This is also a good opportunity for newcomers to get acquainted with one part of the Legion expansion.

You'll also be able to complete Anachronistic Keystone dungeons for powerful loot and take on Mage Tower challenges

- but only while the event is active.

The following six (heroic) dungeons await level 50+ heroes this week: The Raven's Keep, The Darkheart Thicket, The Eye of Azshara, Neltharion's Hoard, The Dungeon of the Guardians, and The Court of Stars

. The difficulty and loot scale according to your character level.

Be sure to accept the associated quest from Steward Kah-Toll in the Hall of Custody in Oribos before logging in to be rewarded for your efforts! For all the info on the new Legion Timewalk event, check out this article.

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