The patch 9.1.5, which will hopefully hit the live servers of WoW soon, is completely dedicated to the wishes of the players and brings a whole bunch of improvements with it. However, it's not about making the game easier and toning down its challenges. It's about reducing the amount of unnecessary time spent in WoW without having fun. Less grind, less repetition with twinks, less effort to finally tackle the content you enjoy.

Twink-friendliness is a big part of that, of course, and that's why we're seeing some things made easier for our secondary and tertiary characters in patch 9.1.5. From skipping campaigns to more ways to secure experience points for ourselves. And the latter is still a thorn in the side of many players. Because no matter how many ways we can earn XP, it still takes some time to reach max level - although significantly less than before.

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How many players there are who don't enjoy the leveling path with Twinks anymore and who actually just want to bring their further characters to the endgame, was shown by the incident with the experience points in time-travel dungeons a few weeks ago. Due to a bug, players received much more XP than they were supposed to, and tons of players banged through instance after instance, playing up twink after twink, before Blizzard put a stop to it and thus received a lot of grumbling in the forums. But now there is a possibility to give the players a lot of experience points again.

Legion invasion during time travel?

Some people think of the artifact weapon when they think of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Legion, others think of Illidan and others think of their Order Hall. Vieltwinkers, on the other hand, probably think back especially to the pre-patch to the sixth expansion. Because back then, the Legion was conducting invasions across Azeroth that our heroes had to fight back. And they rewarded us not only with a (in our eyes) not very nice equipment set, but also with a huge amount of experience points. Quite a few used this opportunity to grow a whole army of Twinks for the fight against the Burning Legion.

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And that's exactly the kind of invasion many players are hoping for in the upcoming Legion time migration. After all, with all the Twink-friendliness Blizzard is showing with patch 9.1.5, it would be good if we could take advantage of it and have Twinks at max level. And since it's a limited time event, we wouldn't have to worry about it crowding out the "normal" leveling methods.

Once no, now maybe

Bos a few weeks ago, I would have said no way. Today I would be tempted to say "could happen". Two things have changed my mind on this. The first is the current mania at Blizzard that they have to cater to players' every whim and rebuild everything to make players happy in the short term. In the course of this, I trust Blizzard with almost everything. Who even turns women into fruit (caution: irony) to satisfy players, is capable of anything.
We may soon see Legion ships in the skies of Azeroth once again. Source: buffed

But the introduction of time-walking mythic-plus dungeons in particular makes me think the invasions have a chance, too. Because this is Blizzard breaking away from a tenet they often stick to. Because this actively lures players out of the current expansion's content. And really out - not in the sense of a LFG tool that you launch from Oribos. Players would have to do that for the Legion invasion as well. Unless, of course, which makes little sense, you'd move them to the Shadowlands.

How would you feel about a timed return of the Legion Invasion to level your Twinks quickly and effectively? Or do you have better ideas to make leveling easier for the players in question?

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