The realms of the dead in Shadowlands are full of little stories that hide one or two important clues to the overall story of World of Warcraft. One of these is a Sin Stone that you can find in Revendreth.

The Sin Stone is plain, but the words carved into the weathered monument long ago are spectacular. The stone once belonged to Archetus, who was nicknamed "the Mad Architect" during his lifetime. His soul was burdened with many sins, for which he had to do his penance in Revendreth. However, his genius made Archetus a perfect candidate for the realm of the dead called Konstruktium. A realm in the Shadowlands that we have yet to hear of or see. Or have we?
Archetus' Sin Stone can be found in Revendreth (coordinates: 71.7/61.1). Source: buffed

Archetus, the Mad Architect

There are many small and little-known realms of the dead in the Shadowlands - but let's keep it short: Lore fans suspect that the Konstruktium was originally the fifth great realm of the dead, ruled over by Zovaal (aka the Jailer). After his betrayal, Zovaal was locked away and the Konstruktium fell into disrepair over time. The peoples of the Shadowlands know this place as the Maw. This is the simplest description for the sinister maelstrom that first appeared in the skies above Oribos after Zovaal's fall. What the dungeon master's realm was called before then, no one can say anymore. That the Maw definitely had a function before Zovaal betrayed his siblings is probably clear to everyone. The big question is: What aspect did the Dungeon Master once embody as the Eternal, and what did his realm of the dead look like before his banishment?

Time doesn't matter in the Shadowlands. All the information we find in the game is not tied to any times, but rather major events. Because of this, many records and inscriptions found cannot be accurately timed. So Archetus' heavily weathered Sin Stone could very well be a relic from the time when there were five great realms of the dead. For Zovaal's realm was not always a dark place, and in the time when the Judge did not yet exist, he certainly cared for the soul stream. Was he an executioner, a blacksmith, an architect, or did he play an entirely different role in the Shadowlands? We don't know. Lore fans are currently debating this as well - what kind of souls Zovaal was originally responsible for. But let's take a detailed look at the Maw story and the fan theory surrounding the construct.

What speaks for this fan theory: Let's put one and one together. Zovaal is a perfectionist. He was the most powerful of the Eternals and was most likely the closest to the First. If you look closely at the numerous ruins in the Maw, he was probably an engineer or architect. On the Sin Stone of Archetus are all the character traits that also make up Zovaal. The best evidence of this is Torghast. The cursed tower itself is now the epitome of a deadly labyrinth from which there is no escape for trapped souls. Before Zovaal's betrayal, however, the tower may have been a perfect research site where Archetus' soul was allowed to wander (after his penance in Revendreth).

Power vs. Creativity

Zovaal and the Primus are masterful smiths. They were once friends, though their views on creation were completely different. Source: buffed

As good as Zovaal was as a craftsman, he lacked something important - and that was creativity. And that is the point that distinguishes Zovaal from Primus. The Lord of Maldraxxus forged fabled blades and armor that were ensouled, meaning they had a character and will of their own. He taught the Maldraxxi the craft, but left the final execution of their works to themselves. This is the "creative purity" spoken of on the Sin Stone of Archetus.

The Necrolords do not pause in their development, but die ever onward to perfection through creative research. This creativity eventually became the Primus' undoing. Though Zovaal would never admit it, he knew his brother was superior to him in this area. Thus, the villain captured the Primus at the first available opportunity and forced him to forge the armor for the Mawbound.

The pursuit of perfection

The style of the Jailer's works can best be described as pure brutalism. Every detail in the maw is the embodiment of his vision of absolute domination. Source: buffed In the video you can hear the hammering in the background like in a forge. Symbolic music for the vision of the jailer, who wants to reforge reality. Source: Blizzard Zovaal's works, while perfect in execution, are also heartless. And now comes the most important point in this story: none of his creations are allowed to evolve, because he robs the souls of their own will. Zovaal is good at stealing the know-how, but he fails at using that knowledge for something good. The jailer is a control freak and obsessed with power. His vision is to put himself on equal footing with the creators themselves. At this point it should be said that the original German translation of "Domination" (keyword: Krone der

Dominanz, which Blizzard much later correctly renamed Helm der Herrschaft) described Zovaal's worldview much better.

The new translation is dominion, and it doesn't necessarily mean anything negative. The word dominance, on the other hand, does. The German editors did not choose this name - Krone der Dominanz - without reason. It augurs coercion and describes an unhealthy relationship in which the stronger oppresses the weak and imposes his will on them.

Zovaal's bleak worldview shows us how dangerous pathological perfectionism is. His pursuit of perfection made him not only arrogant, but also angry because the First did not build the universe according to his ideas. He believes that he can better create and control reality and all the worlds around it. Zovaal is convinced that he can subdue all other domains and the beings and creatures they represent. Blizzard's developers warned us not to underestimate the Dungeon Master. He is on the same power level as the Titans, if not more powerful.

Life is chaos

Mortals are nothing more than mindless puppets to Zovaal. Source: Blizzard After the Battle of Oribos, Sylvanas is our only link to the Dungeon Master. She may know the way to the tomb. Source: Blizzard

Keep in mind that Zovaal is not a one-dimensional villain. The new guise he was given by Blizzard at the end of patch 9.1 is silly and no comparison to the original concept, which didn't brand him as an evil villain so obviously. His vision is the destruction of reality. It sounds like a disaster if he follows his plan to reshape it to his liking.

What part are mortals supposed to play in this? Well, what is to happen to us we see in the example of Anduin Wrynn. Every soul is put in chains and brutally subjugated to Zovaal's power. The jailer makes no secret of the fact that he is only interested in the anima. Life is about change and becoming. Nothing in the universe is perfect. This chaos drives creation forward, but also makes it flawed and thus - in Zovaal's eyes - worthless.

Sylvanas believed in Zovaal's vision of the future because he presented her with a perfect worldview that was flawless and flawless. She didn't realize that the jailer's vision also meant final death and stagnation for creation until he dropped his mask in the Judge's chamber. The big question hanging in the air after patch 9.1 is whether or not Zovaal's grand plan will work out at the end of Shadowlands. Even if he succeeds in the end, the remaining cosmic powers won't just submit to him.

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