Tazavesh is a cool dungeon in which we have to deal with particularly curious enemies. Besides the normal difficulty mode, we can also complete the instance in hard mode. This challenge sounds like extra fun! But the megadungeon has more to offer than extraordinary bosses with unusual fighting techniques. If you keep your eyes open in Tazavesh, you will find tomes here and there at the Market of the Midwayers with exciting records about the First Ones and the creation of the Warcraft universe.

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Knowledge is Power

Most midwayers are content to collect and trade artifacts and all manner of curiosities. By and large, they have the same goals as the Astrals we've known since Burning Crusade

. However, a few midwayers are not satisfied with a magical pinacotheca, they want more. One of these inquisitive midwayers is named Al'firim.

True to the motto "knowledge is power", Al'firim long ago embarked on an extraordinary journey through the Shadowlands to solve the great mystery of the universe's creation. In Tazavesh, we finally find his records in the form of readable tomes. However, the collection is not yet complete, there are still some books to come. Here we show you all the reports of Al'firim that have been discovered so far:

Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead

The long journey begins

The map of the cosmos from the Warcraft Chronicles. According to Al'firim, the universe was ordered by a seventh, as yet unknown power. Source: Blizzard This image from the WoW book "Grimoire of the Shadowlands" shows us the Warcraft universe from the perspective of the midwayers. Source: Wowhead Putting all the information on record, Al'firim once tried to gain access to the ominous Tomb of the First. The Tomb was mentioned by the Primus at the beginning of Shadowlands when his image warned us of Zovaal in Maldraxxus. But before we turn our attention to the Tomb of the Creators, let's take a closer look at Al'firim's research.

Part 1

Al'firim tried to get to the bottom of the true origin of the universe. In the first part of his report, he describes that there were six primordial forces that once existed in Chaos. A seventh, hitherto unknown force ended the eternal struggle and brought the cosmic forces into balance, dividing them into different domains. This was the birth of the universe.

  • In the Warcraft Chronicles, the chapter with the story of creation is quite short. It seems that the true origin of the universe was a mystery even to the Titans. For the Titans were not created until the Big Bang. Their souls rested for an eternity in the cores of various planets. So they came into the world long after the order of the cosmos. The Chronicles only mention that the clash of light and shadow triggered the Big Bang. The six elemental forces are nothing else than the cosmic domains (enumeration clockwise): light, chaos, death, shadow, order and life. By the seventh primal power, Al'firim most likely means the First Ones, whose existence we only learned about in Shadowlands. Or does the "seventh power" mean something or someone else?

What about Azeroth?

New book, new lore?
"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: Grimoire of the Shadowlands" is the latest reference book for all Lore fans. In the WoW community, however, the book is causing plenty of strife. The reason for this is the numerous stories that tell us more about the mysteries of the Shadowlands. Not only is there new information, but also a brand new map of the cosmos. In said illustration, the cosmic domains are rearranged around Azeroth. This gives the reader a new picture of the Warcraft universe that doesn't really fit with the already familiar map from the Warcraft Chronicles. Lore fans fear that Blizzard has given the World of Warcraft story another retcon with the new book, and that the first map of the cosmos is no longer valid.

However, the whole drama is based on a misunderstanding. The developers confirmed years ago that the Warcraft Chronicles were written from the point of view of the Titans, which is how mortals see their world. The Grimoire of the Shadowlands, on the other hand, show us the universe from the point of view of the midwayers, showing the same cosmos just from a different perspective. One Lore fan even went the extra mile and recreated both maps in a 3D program. And lo and behold - both maps are correct! The main point here is actually Azeroth and Reality being at the center of the cosmic order. Thus, this is not a retelling, but another take on WoW.

Fascinating detail: In his notes, the Midwayer refers to the First as architects who shaped the comic domains to their liking. If you take Al'firim's explanation literally, then the creators were not a homogeneous group, but an assembly of fundamentally different individuals with their own visions. For example, there was a First who favored the light, while another favored the shadows. Then there was a First who stood for death, chaos, order and life.

We must imagine the whole thing in such a way that the original form of the universe consisted of innumerable building blocks, which flew wildly and constantly collided with each other. In this chaos no life was possible. In order to provide a foundation for life and creation, the First Ones separated these primordial forces from one another and placed reality as an anchor point at the center of their creation. And here comes an important question: what role does reality, that is, our world, play in this cosmic game? Was there a first one who formed reality? Was he or she the aforementioned seventh primordial force? Or did the creators hide something precious in the heart of the universe? Is this the world soul of Azeroth? Is this great mystery the reason why the other cosmic powers are targeting the sleeping Titan? All we can say for sure so far is that the number seven is at the heart of this tangled story. There were seven creators, the universe is divided into seven domains, there were originally seven Titans, and so on.

Part 2

In the second part of the notes, Al'firim describes his search for sources that provide more information on the origin of the universe. The Guardians of the Bastion chased the Midwayer away when he tried to access the great archive of the Kyrians. In Maldraxxus, Al'firim was also unsuccessful. He was also denied access to the Primus' personal library. Eventually, Al'firim's path led him to Oribos, where he made good contact with the Overseer Kah-Sher. However, the midwayer left immediately when he learned that Kah-Sher was already having the same conversations with an "old rival" of Al'firim.

  • The rival in question may be Ve'nari. The Lady Midwayer is the mysterious quest giver we first encountered in the Maw. What Ve'nari's goals are in the Maw, she always keeps secret. However, she hides in the darkest place in the Shadowlands for a reason. All we know so far is that other midwayers are searching for her. Thanks to Al'firim, we learn that Ve'nari is probably looking for Creator secrets as well. That's no great surprise. She's still interested in any little bit of information from Torghast and the Maw. There's certainly more to Ve'nari's story than she's trying to tell us.

Ve'nari File: Just a Disguise?

We must also remember that behind every character in the Maw and Korthia could be a diabolical Nathrezim. In Patch 9.1, the Nathrezim Lady Kin'tessa proves to us how easily the Dread Lords can lead our heroes around by the nose. During the introductory quest for Korthia, Kin'tessa disguises herself as Ka-Than's servant and gains our trust. Could Ve'nari also be a Nathrezim?
Ve'nari has been lingering in the Maw for eons. The help of our heroes comes in handy. Source: Blizzard Blizzard's writers so cleverly expanded the story around the Shadowlands dreadlords that they can now theoretically hide behind any mask. This makes it equally difficult to tell who is friend or foe. Even if there isn't a masked terror lord behind Ve'nari, her true intentions are more than nebulous. There is a danger emanating from her, that is clear to see. Because we don't know how far she's willing to go to get to the Tomb of the First.

Part 3: Science Meets Religion

In part three

, Al'firim talks about his conversations with a strange insect creature called Irik-tu. The creature was once a mortal soul. Al'firim was initially intrigued by Irik-tu's tale. The midwayer was amazed that mortals knew next to nothing about the anima and did not trade on it. On the other hand, Al'firim was less enthusiastic about Irik-tu's religious ideas about the true origin of the universe.

In the end, Al'firim comes to terms with the fact that mortals prefer to believe in myths and fail to grasp the truth, blinded by religious beliefs. In the Shadowlands, the First Ones are at least a household name to nearly every inhabitant. They are the true creators of the universe, and thus of all beings that mortals worship as "false gods". Yes, this includes the moon goddess Elune and the Titans, for example.

As to the question of what became of Al'firim and his quest for the Tomb of the First, we have no answer yet. His tracks are lost in the sands of time. His notes, however, are of great value, as we finally learn that there is another midwayer besides Al'firim who is after the secrets of the Creators.

The Tomb of the First

Anduin Wrynn attacks the Eternals in place of the Dungeon Master and snatches their sigils in patch 9.1. Source: Blizzard

After the Primus' warning, Al'firim also confirms that there is a sealed tomb somewhere. This place might have something to do with the disappearance of the First Ones. It's amazing that the First Ones are only known in the Shadowlands. Why is there no trace of them or evidence of their existence in the real world? And why do they make such a big mystery out of the Big Bang and the creation of the universe?

From Al'firim's notes, we learn that the Pantheon of the Eternals keeps the knowledge of the First locked away. The keys were distributed to the Eternals in the form of a seal, so that no one in their circle would have the power to open the tomb. The jailer (formerly Zovaal) once tried to take these seals from his siblings by force. For this crime he was punished with banishment. The fact that there is talk of a tomb does not bode well at first. However, it does not necessarily mean that the creators are dead. The word tomb has many meanings in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ). The Tomb of Sargeras is the best example of a tomb in which something rests that is neither alive nor dead.

The Riddle of the Creator

Herald Dalora first spoke of the World Soul of Azeroth being of death at the Shadowlands pre-event. The Dungeon Master later speaks the same words. Source: buffed

After the Primus of Maldraxxus, Al'firim also confirms that there is a sealed tomb somewhere. This place might have something to do with the disappearance of the First. From Al'firim's notes, we learn that the Pantheon of the Eternals keeps the knowledge of the First locked away. The keys were distributed to the Eternals in the form of a seal, so that no one in their circle would have the power to open the tomb. The jailer once attempted to forcibly take these seals from his siblings. For this crime, he was punished with banishment. The fact that there is talk of a tomb does not bode well at first. However, it does not necessarily mean that the creators are dead.

The word tomb has many meanings in World of Warcraft. The Tomb of Sargeras is an example of a tomb where something rests that is neither living nor dead.

At this point, it should be said that we don't even know if the First Ones have a physical form yet, because they existed before reality existed. Oribos was built by the First, and there we see that the creators have a similar fondness for symmetry, harmony, and technology as the Titans. Perhaps hidden within the Tomb is the technology to reverse creation and blast the boundaries between cosmic domains once more. Another possibility that is currently being hotly debated in the WoW community is that the First Ones gave up their physical form to create these boundaries in the first place. You can think of this as if the Firsts are the house in which the cosmic force in question resides. The goal of the Dungeon Master is to dissolve the domaemes back into their building blocks, and then reshape them according to his ideas. In this new universe, death, and not reality, should then play the main role.

Two Sisters

Reunited! Elune appears in the Forest of Arden and settles her dispute with the Winter Queen. Both sisters then renew their bond. Source: Blizzard Another great mystery of World of Warcraft is the identity of Elune

. The goddess of the moon has held her protective hand over Azeroth for millennia. Yet we know very little about her. Elune has a connection to the Light, but also to Order and the Shadows. From the Chronicles, we learn that she separated the Light from the Shadows in the ordering of the universe. In Legion, we get another story puzzle piece and find out that the Moon Goddess created the crystal beings Naaru. That Elune watches over the Emerald Dream has been no big secret since the beginning.

In the Shadowlands, we meet the Winter Queen, who refers to Elune as "her sister." If the Moon Goddess is indeed the Winter Queen's sister, then Elune was once part of the Eternal pantheon. Xal'atath, the dagger of the Shadow Priests, spoke of Elune being a rather young goddess in Legion. The void creature mocks Elune, calling her an upstart. Meaning that she had to earn that rank and power.

  • The latest lore supplement, World of Warcraft: Grimoire of the Shadowlands, gives us a new perspective on the Warcraft universe. The book explains the worldview of the midwayers and denizens of the Shadowlands, who see the Warcraft universe from a different perspective than we mortals do.

In one chapter, the connection between the Winter Queen and Elune is explained. Both sisters (the word "sibling" is in quotation marks in the book) tend the same tree, which flourishes in both the Forest of Arden and the Cosmic Domain of Life. The roots of this mighty world tree reach into the heart of the Emerald Dream. In the illustration showing the map of the cosmos from the point of view of the midwayers, we see the said tree, but blooming not in the Forest of Arden, but in the Domain of Life. The picture also shows rune deer and vulpin, both types of animals are also found in the Winter Queen's Domain. The mediator who wrote these lines could not tell us exactly who or what Elune is. All he can tell us is that the Winter Queen's sister belongs to the Pantheon of Life. The Domain of Life might be structured similarly to the Shadowlands. In the "Grimoire of the Shadowlands", it is explained that Elune is only one of several beings who possess the cosmic power of life.

The End of Creation?

Basically, it doesn't matter if the Winter Queen and Elune are blood sisters or not. We must remember that the Eternals is just a name for the Shadowlands pantheon. As with the Titans, each member of the Circle of Eternals is also an individual being. Using the word "brother" or "sister" merely emphasizes their cohesiveness. Thus, Elune and the Winter Queen share a special bond that transcends all cosmic boundaries. While the other cosmic powers war with each other, the sisters created a cycle that provides balance between life and death. This cycle is the fuel that literally keeps the First's creation alive.
At first glance, this order seems perfect. However, this impression does not change the fact that creation is an artificial construct. It is fragile and unfinished. The first laid the foundation for creation. Their children then built the universe on that foundation. The Jailer knows that once he tears down that foundation, the entire order will collapse like a house of cards. If the jailer succeeds, he will create a new universe in which death rules over all other cosmic powers. It's up to us once again to stop this villain. But what happens if we fail at the end of Shadowlands after all?

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