For four Cups, spread out over the first few months of WoW Shadowlands, teams had the opportunity to earn enough points to qualify for entry into the Global Finals of this expansion's first Mythic Dungeon Internationals. These were held this past weekend (April 23-25) and found a clearly deserving winner in the form of the Echo team. Without giving up a single map, the team of the European top guild was able to march through undefeated. But we are only interested in that today. We want to take a look at whether and what effects the past balancing adjustments and especially the increase of the played level had on the class selection.

Because instead of level 18, this time the teams had to compete against each other at level 20. The hope on the part of Blizzard in this regard was presumably that the teams would then have to focus much more on their own survival, enemies would live longer and less ridiculously large pulls would take place. Thus, the action would be significantly more reminiscent of what we ourselves play on the live servers day after day.

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The Tanks at the MDI Global Finals

Up until now, the Demon Hunter has been the unquestioned ruler at the MDI teams. Well, that hasn't changed.

  • Vengeful Demon Hunter (100%)

No other tank was used in the Global Finals either. All teams relied heavily on the Glevenwinger. Despite its drastic nerfs in the past. Because the damage taken was never the big argument for the top teams. The Demon Hunter is great at kiting, has a ton of control effects, and most importantly, buffs the magic damage of all party members by five percent! With Devastation Demon Hunters still not a factor in the MDI, teams had little choice but to continue relying on Vengeance Seeking tanks.

The Healers at the MDI Global Finals

In the past, only Holy Paladins were considered as healers. And yes, almost nothing has changed in that regard either.

  • Holy Paladin (92%)
  • Discipline Priest (8%)

Holy Paladins are still THE healer when it comes to MDI. They heal enough for the party to survive - even at level 20, and can do a lot of damage at the same time. So why are we seeing a few Discipline Priests all of a sudden? These were only used in one dungeon - Plaguefall. There are several reasons for this. For one, many teams there wanted to do without a Shadow Priest, but not without the Soul of Power. For another, there are mechanics there that are much easier to handle with the Diszi's shields. That's not an effect of any balacing changes, though, but rather from the increased level teams were at.

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Damage Dealers at the MDI Global Finals

Fire Mage and Shadow Priest have been the most used damage dealers in the MDI in the past. Up until then, everything remained the same. They were still used in almost every team. Behind that, however, things have changed.

  • Fire Mage (100%)
  • Shadow Priest (73%)
  • Unholy Death Knight (42%)
  • Elemental Shaman (36%)
  • Balance Druid (26%)
  • Windrunner Monk (20%)
  • Marksmanship Hunter (3%)

Unholy Death Knights still remain the best choice in all dungeons where large trolls are possible. However, since this is a little less common due to the higher levels, they are used a little less often. Owls are also less common than before. For one thing, the Monks are now more popular again - which is partly due to their helpful spells like the Ring of Peace. The latter is great for when tanks start kiting or for keeping incoming damage down in general.

On the other hand, the Elemental Shaman is starting to break up the meta and was used in over a third of all games and teams. In the last Cup of the current series, exactly 0 Shamans were used. The fact that level 20 stones are now being played made him so popular. His earth elemental supports the tanks, which can be worth a lot at high levels. He can also heal in between every now and then, which can not only save virtual lives now and then, but also means a good synergy with the Holy Paladins. When they fire up their DpS machinery and use all their spells offensively, the distributed healing drops a good bit. This is where the Shamans come in to help them out enough that no one in the group dies anyway. Once the Holy Paladin's cooldowns are depleted and he heals back to normal, the Shaman kicks in. This synergy provides a higher damage output at the end of the day with the same healing output.

The loser of the higher levels are the hunters. While they haven't really gotten weaker, they've mostly had to give way to other classes that can throw more meaningful abilities into the ring. And rogues are now completely off the radar and don't even feature in Necrotic Lane anymore - partly due to the change to their Legendary a while back.

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