When the four pacts and their signature abilities were introduced with WoW Shadowlands, most players only talked about the practical aspects of the soul form

that the Night Fae give to our heroes. But soon the visual aspect also came to the fore. Blizzard didn't just give the soul form a single appearance, but several different ones that you can choose from.

To do this, however, you first have to unlock all of the different characters. And this is where it gets difficult. Blizzard doesn't provide you with a list of all the Soul Shapes, not to mention their sources. This is okay for many players, because they are more happy about randomly found or earned soul creatures. Completeists, on the other hand, want to earn all the creatures and are dependent on external websites for this

. And many players don't even know which Soul Shapes are available and which ones they might miss. The small addon Soulshape Journal helps here.

WoW Addon: Soulshape Journal

The use of the addon is very simple. You install it, either via download at the end of the article or via external tools like Courseforge, and that's it. Neither settings nor any other actions are necessary.

Once Soulshape Journal is installed and active, you simply get another tab in your collection. Besides Mounts, Wildlife Guide, Toy Box, Heirlooms and Templates, there is now Soulshapes. Here you will find a list of all soul shapes. The look is strikingly reminiscent of the tab with the mounts - including various functions such as the filter or a search field.
WoW: Night fae watch out! Perfect addon for soulshapes - Soulshape Journal (1) Source: buffed You can not only look at all the soul shapes and check which ones you have already collected, but also get information about the missing shapes. Because you will be told the source for every single soul shape

. From time to time, you'll also find small tips, for example when you have to solve special puzzles or find animals to obtain them.

All in all, Soulshape Journal may not be a must-have addon, but it is extremely useful for all Nachtfae for whom the soul shape is more than just a blink and sprint. By the way, the addon also works if you belong to another pact - only then all the shapes are grayed out. But it's still good as a reference book.

You can find the Soulshape Journal addon as a download at the end of the article!


Soulshape Journal[53,41 KB]


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