With patch 9.1.5 of WoW Shadowlands, the developers are returning to a tried and true system for balancing PvP equipment. In order to better align PvP and PvE gear with the respective content, PvP gear in the open world and instances will have a lower item level, but the item level of PvP gear in PvP situations will be increased.

In addition, entry-level PvP gear with a previously low item level will have a higher item level than before in the upcoming update to help players get started in PvP. This change does not affect high-level PvP gear. Below are the new rating requirements for PvP upgrades and what the item level is in PvE and PvP situations.

Scoring requirement and item level of PvP equipment in WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1.5

New ratingValued PvP titleItem Level PvEiLvl in PvP
Rank 1 Unranked220233
1000Rank 2 Combatant I226239
1200Rank 3 Combatant II229242
1400Rank 4 Challenger I233246
1600Rank 5 Challenger II236249
1800Rank 6 Rival I239252
1950Rank 7 Rival II242255
2100Rank 8 Duelist246259
2400Rank 9 Elite249259

This adjustment means that the item level gap is not quite as wide as before, and players with unrated/unupgraded PvP gear have a slightly better chance. Starting with a rating of 1400, you can upgrade your PvP items enough to be on par with well-equipped PvE players.

Trader upgrades for unvalued PvP items

Progress unvalued PvPItem LeveliLvl in PvP
Step 1184216
Step 2190220
Step 3 (Renown 44)197223
Step 4203226
Step 5 (Renown 59)210229
Step 6216233

The base level of unrated PvP items will still depend on passive upgrades via fame levels. The higher the fame level, the more you can upgrade the item level of the base items you can purchase from the PvP vendors in Oribos. At level 6, you will need to earn an Arena or Rated Battleground rating for further upgrades. Up to a rating of 1000, you will not lose a rating if you lose.

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