We've already gotten used to the cipher gear that is ubiquitous in Zereth Mortis

after all this time in patch 9.2. While the gear is of little use to active raiders or Mythic Plus players, it is quite useful for twinks or characters who prefer to adventure in the free world of WoW. And this is not only due to practical effects, such as faster flying or the small teleport, but also the relatively respectable item level.

The item level increases with the expansion of the ciphers of the first and reaches level 252 in the end. However, there is a weak point in the system. It doesn't offer any weapons, or the weapons in Zereth Mortis don't scale with the cipher system. This will change in patch 9.2.5.

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Cipher weapons complement cipher armor

Patch 9.2.5 brings a whole range of new weapons, all of which scale with the familiar cipher system and can accordingly go up to level 252.

  • Overture's Shiv
  • Choral Staff
  • Rhapsodic Pulverizer
  • Rhapsodic Cleaver
  • Seranading Arbalest
  • Waltzing Glaive
  • Harmonium Lantern
  • Scepter of Requiem
  • Senza Spellblade
  • Legato Hammer
  • Tempo Smasher
  • Ballad Shield
  • Meno Sword
  • Lamenting Blade

It is still unclear whether the weapons will also have additional effects. That remains to be seen. Of course, it's debatable whether these weapons shouldn't have been in the game directly, but many twinks or few players will still be happy about it.

Are you still in Zereth Mortis at all, or is your game now limited to the various dungeons, the Mausoleum of the First, the arenas and various battlegrounds of WoW (buy now ) Shadowlands? And what could lure you back to the free areas of the Shadowlands?

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