If you want to make use of the option for a second Legendary in WoW Patch 9.2, you'll have to farm a lot of reputation with the new Enlightened faction

. Although it is enough to achieve a respectable reputation to unlock the Memory of Unity item, it still takes time. It wasn't clear exactly how many days you'd need, because the developers kept adjusting the reputation points you could collect through campaign quests, world quests, and rare mobs. Now, however, there is an update that clarifies things.

Reputation grind takes quite a long time despite campaign

After we recently explained how many reputation points you can collect by farming the rare enemies in Zereth Mortis

, the WoWHead dataminers have now taken a look at the End of Eternity campaign. According to their list, you will get the following amounts of reputation points when you complete the quests of the campaign of patch 9.2:
  • Chapters 1, 2, and 3 (available in week 1) grant a total of 2,100 reputation points.
  • Chapter 4 (available in week 2) will grant you 450 reputation points.
  • Completing Chapter 5 (available in Week 3), Chapter 6 (available in Week 4), and Chapter 7 (available in Week 5) will give you 500 reputation points each, for a total of 1,500 reputation points with the Enlightened Ones.

If you complete all chapters of the campaign in patch 9.2, you will receive a total of 4,050 reputation points at the earliest five weeks after the release of the update. But how long does it take to unlock the individual reputation levels of the Enlightened Ones, including the respective reputation rewards? The dataminers have also calculated this.

Reputation level xDay x ??

If we assume that you kill a total of 20 of the 29 available rare enemies of Zereth Mortis per day, let the world boss Antros bite the dust once a week, complete the campaign of patch 9.2, complete all available world quests daily and take care of the quest Patterns Within Patterns twice a week, your path to the Illuminated fame level looks like this:

  • Reputation level Benevolent: 10 days
  • Reputation level Respectful: 25 days
  • Reputation level Awesome: 55 days
  • Paragon Rewards: 15 days more per Paragon Chest after you reach the Honor level.
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By the way, this calculation doesn't take into account the reputation you get via reputation tokens randomly obtained from daily quests. If you are playing a human character, you will also benefit from their diplomacy bonus. As you can see, it takes a long time to gain a respectful, let alone revered, reputation with the Enlightened Ones. So we want to know from you: Is the grind taking you too long? Or are you happy with the way it is? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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