Update from January 22, 2022: In the meantime, Blizzard has changed the reputation requirement on the PTR. Instead of reputation, the acquisition of the legendary belt is now linked to the completion of the 7th chapter of the upcoming Sotry campaign. You can find everything else here.

Original announcement: In addition to the return of tier sets, most players in WoW Shadowlands are looking forward to finally being able to wear two different Legendarys with the upcoming patch 9.2. This should not only shake up the balancing, but also ensure that some players change their pacts. Because, and we've known this for a while, one of the two Legendary items always has to be the PactLegendary.

The question that could not be answered for a long time, however, was what requirements we as players have to fulfill for this. And exactly this question has now been answered with the latest PTR build. However, the resolution does not cause much joy among the players. Although there is also some good news.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

Two Legendarys at the same time = Respectful with the Enlightened Ones

If you want to carry two Legendarys at the same time, it is mandatory to get the new Pact Legendary, whose effect changes with the current Pact. The previous Pact Legendaries cannot (at least currently on the PTR) be used together with another Legendary item (except of course the Hunter Bow of Sylvanas).

However, you have two options to get the new Legendary.

  • You can buy the complete Legendary (Girdle of Unity), or you can buy the recipe (Memory of Unity) and craft the Legendary yourself as usual.

You can get both from the armorer of the new faction in Zereth Mortis, the Enlightened. You will have to pay 2,500 Cosmic Flux for the complete belt, but you can get the effect for 500 Cosmic Flux - the new resource from patch 9.2.

You will also need a respectable reputation with the Enlightened Ones. Originally, you needed the right reputation for both items. For the full belt, however, the reputation requirement has been removed in the meantime - according to Blizzard for testing reasons.

A hotfix recently went live to remove the reputation requirement for testing. Thanks for letting us know!

Does player feedback help?

However, the reactions of many players clearly show that they would like to see it stay that way on the live server. After all, Blizzard no longer wanted to link player power so strictly with reputation grind. WoW Patch 9.2: If you want to carry two Legendarys, you have to farm a lot of reputation! (1) Source: buffed

So it's quite possible that the developers will react to the feedback and at least the belt itself (which requires a relatively large amount of Cosmic Flux) will be available without reputation, while you will need reputation for the cheaper recipe.

The situation is different for the item level, which is currently still at 265 and thus only three points above the current Legendarys. We assume that this is a mistake and that this will be adjusted.

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. With the more expensive belt you save the expensive production of the basic item, which might be very convenient for some players. On the other hand, buying the recipe gives you direct access to the new Legendary with all Twinks, but you'll have to build it yourself. This saves you the reputation grind with all the other characters.

Do you prefer to farm a bit more resources for the belt or rather the reputation required for the recipe?

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