In the first half of Shadowlands, Blizzard didn't do very much right and thus incurred the displeasure of many players. However, you have to give the developers credit for definitely trying. At the beginning, there was too little grind, but with patch 9.1, there was suddenly far too much of it

. Relevant decisions like the choice of pact were criticized just as much as the current system, in which you can change your pact several times a day.

As so often, the developers approached a problem with good will and hopelessly overshot the mark - the well-known Blizzard hammer method

. With the current patch 9.2, the developers now have the last chance to establish Shadowlands as a halfway good expansion in the minds of the players with a worthy conclusion. And they are well on their way. Read also these interesting stories 2

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Patch 9.2 is just fun

There are lots of cute creatures running around on Zereth Mortis. A dream for explorers. Source: buffed

Of course, the content and settings are always a matter of taste. But I really enjoy Patch 9.2. And I'm obviously not the only one. Even in my personal filter bubble and guild, people are having more fun than in the past. This is certainly due in part to the fact that there is finally new content again.

But the decisions of the developers certainly also play a role. First and foremost, the decoupling of player power from the rest of the content in Zereth Mortis. It just feels so good when you don't always feel the inner compulsion to grind more and more. Instead, I play when and what I want. Spoiler: Thanks to the freedom, I'm more motivated and actually play a lot more than I probably would have under duress.

Great raid

Not only is the raid not particularly well balanced in the first few days, but the new dungeons also need some tuning. Source: Blizzard And the Mausoleum of the First follows seamlessly. Sure, the amount of trash gets on my nerves and some of the bosses are still extremely poorly balanced *cough*Anduin* - who, by the way, was only recently hard-generated

. The fights themselves are fun, well designed and the integration of the raid into the area Zereth Mortis is very well done. Battles like Anduin, Xy'mox or Halondrus are not only challenging, but also top of the game - at least in my eyes.

By the way, the balancing is not only a disaster with some bosses at the beginning. The new Mythic-Plus dungeon Tazavesh is also significantly harder than all the other dungeons. Compared to the "old" dungeons, the two parts of Tazavesh are certainly three or four levels higher.

WoW: End of Eternity - German release trailer

One could think that Blizzard has put more work into the design and development of individual features this time than into the balancing of those very features. Above all, the comprehensive response to player feedback was at the top of the priority list. Hardly any feature is still on the live server as it was originally planned and implemented on the PTR. In my eyes, this is the right approach. Better a few days (or weeks) of poorly balanced content than a few months of unsatisfactory content that is no fun.

Rethinking takes time

With patch 9.2, WoW (buy now ) has become a different game in parts. Instead of grinding new content ad nauseum to keep up in raids and dungeons, many of the new features are optional. And the ones that aren't, such as earning Cosmic Flux or unlocking the second Legendary, have been drastically simplified. With the new resource, you're literally slain - and in almost all of the game's content. The Legendary no longer has a reputation requirement, but is tied to the campaign. In short, raiders who just want to raid will have to spend much, much, much less time on grind.
There are crates hidden all over Zereth Mortis, waiting for diligent players. Source: buffed But that's exactly what many players need to get into their heads first. Many friends and acquaintances are still grinding their butts off, because that's what you do at the beginning of a new patch. "Just play as much as you want - you won't have any relevant disadvantages." - this thinking will only slowly settle in the minds of the players.

Much like at the beginning of Shadowlands, when Blizzard made it clear over and over again that there would be so much Anima over the course of the expansion that you could comfortably buy all the rewards. Still, many farmed like champions and complained that so much grind was necessary.

We can only hope that Blizzard doesn't come up with the idea of doing a U-turn with subsequent patches and suddenly making the grind mandatory again. However, I would trust them to do so. Because I don't quite trust the good-smelling roast that the developers have just served up.

How did you experience the launch of Patch 9.2? Did you also farm like the world champions, because you like the area, like me? Or did you take the opportunity and approach the new update much more calmly than before? Maybe you are one of those players who have always been cold to the inner compulsion anyway - in that case, of course, little has changed for you.

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