Who often deals with WoW, sometimes feels like in "Daily greets the groundhog". The game dies, is about to die or has already died. And it has been doing so since its first expansion. If you go by what you read in the community over the years, WoW has already gone down the drain dozens of times. It's strange that it's still holding its own in the MMO market. Somehow, WoW is not dying after all.

But it's also clear that it's not just since Shadowlands that it's become a habit for many players to purchase a month's worth of playtime after the release of a new patch, get an overview, and then put the subscription back on hold. Logical, because as we saw in the article "Is a WoW subscription still justified?", WoW tears a pretty big hole in the wallet with its subscription model during an expansion. WoW is no longer played as religiously as it was a few years ago, players either don't have as much time or have long seen through Blizzard's patch policy. They now only play what they enjoy.

What do the developers have to do?

It may not seem like it at first glance, but with New World, FFXIV, Star Wars The Old Republic, Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2, and The Elder Scrolls Online, we're in the MMO sector's best time in a long time.

Would a former WoW player really consider returning to Azeroth? How much persuasion is needed to bring someone back varies. But what would actually be things that players would still give WoW a chance for? This is a question that has been asked surprisingly often in the community lately. We took a look at the most frequently mentioned wishes in WoW's Reddit forum and bhei us on buffed.de in the linked article. Thereby it is noticeable that players have rather less wishes for innovations in WoW, but that they would rather be lured with it if some things would be removed.

World of Warcraft | 10 features WoW desperately needs - Column by Philipp Sattler

Nobody wants timegating anymore

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me 27 times, shame on you. Completing the same tasks for weeks or months on end so that you can fully enjoy a feature is not really fun for anyone.

With Korthia, Blizzard has once again provided a good negative example in Shadowlands of why artificially delaying content isn't a good idea, which doesn't add to the gameplay itself anyway. In the case of Korthia, the "plug-pulling" update has changed things for the better, but already the next area in patch 9.2 shows that the developers haven't really learned that timegating on a grand scale is crap after all.

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D Flying in Zereth Mortis has to be earned again, even though players had actually already gotten the flying license for the Shadowlands. And then the exploration of the individual points for the flying permit in Zereth Mortis also takes until the third ID. In an MMO that relies on a monthly subscription model, no one wants to deal with that anymore.


Yeah, right. Who wouldn't return for a really well implemented housing system in WoW (buy now )

at least for a short time? The desire for one's own four walls for one's alter ego is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons for which players would repopulate Azeroth.

With Garrison, the developers apparently already wanted to make an attempt in this direction, but failed. We don't need to go into detail here about the great potential housing has for the game. The greed for successes for statues in one's own hut and the possibilities for professions to produce different things alone would be endless.

Use what is available

The zones of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms lie fallow. This is a big waste of game content. Source: buffed

Even more often than the desire for housing, you read that Blizzard should finally get more out of the Old World again. If you take a closer look from the outside, the developers have built up several WoW galaxies over the years. With each new addon, however, they always just put another small solar system in front of the player and let the infinite expanses called Azeroth go stale.

Somehow the developers would have to manage to include old areas more in the current expansion and give the zones a meaning that is also interesting for players in the current endgame. Maybe this will already happen in the next addon, when after the cosmic battles and the excursion into the underworld of WoW we will find the reset button for the game, so to speak, and the simpler themes will find their way back into the RPG.

Less difficulty and no borrowed power

With each new patch, the item levels for items from instances and raids are upgraded. This is actually a good thing for returnees (keyword "catch up"), but primarily it feels to players like their previous raid and mythic-plus achievements have been wiped out with it. The old gear no longer has any value shortly after a patch. In the same breath, the two words "salvaged power" often come up.
Blizzard gives it, Blizzard takes it. Hardly anyone is interested in "borrowed power" anymore. Source: buffed
This is more about Legendarys from old expansions, for example, which are no longer worth anything in the new addon, but every major patch and every raid tier now has one of these systems ready. So what would make players return would be a linear raid progression and no more features that devalue the earned equipment from now on.

To encourage linear progression, many players are also in favor of thinning out the difficulty levels. That players are not fans of the LFR is well known. According to the community, the abolition of the raid browser would again lead to more cohesion and more stable guilds.

But also the fact that dungeons now have four difficulty levels is not conducive to the game. Do we really need the heroic and additionally the normal mythic variant? In this context, players even demand that the dungeon tool be abolished. But few seem to have this desire. As is so often the case, less seems to be more for WoW players.

Less transmog

Store items are a thorn in the side of many players - especially when it comes to transmog. Source: Blizzard

Yes, we couldn't believe our eyes either, but the reason "less transmog" came up so often that it has to be mentioned in this list. Players are not against the transmog feature per se. Rather, it's about the fact that you are now so bombarded with transmog as a reward in WoW that it almost seems annoying. Almost as inflationary, according to these players, mounts are given away that no one really needs.

The desire for fewer transmog items and mounts is more about putting other, more meaningful rewards into the game and that you should do something more for fancy mounts than, for example, achieving a generic achievement or reputation level.

Merge Alliance and Horde

This wish was heard by Blizzard. Well, at least partially. The most important aspect, being able to play dungeons, raids and rated PvP with the other faction as well, should become a reality with patch 9.2.5. By the way, at the time of typing this, there are still no details about the "transfer package" that might come with it, which will allow you to transfer multiple characters to other servers at a lower cost, and maybe even change factions at a lower cost.
Horde vs. Alliance is a core theme of WoW, but in the meantime the system has become outdated in terms of gameplay and leads to problems. Cross-faction gameplay in instanced areas will fix the problem. Source: Blizzard
The (partial) abolition of faction borders was bitterly needed, because Alliance players have found groups for high-end content less and less often. We would also be happy about a complete abolition of faction borders in the editorial office (see logout page 98). Besides housing, less salvaged power and the sensible recycling of the old world, the abolition of faction limits is one of the biggest wishes of the WoW community and a reason for many to get back into WoW.

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