Rendel is probably the most frequented repair NPC in WoW Shadowlands. The small grave stands in the entrance hall of Castle Nathria, where he offers his services to all raiders during the long raid evenings. In doing so, he has earned so much gold that over time a small pile of gold has piled up next to him, impressively showing every visitor how much his services are in demand. In the upcoming patch 9.1, his workload will probably decrease drastically, which is why the little grave is looking for new tasks. He seems to have found one in Korthia.

Because with patch 9.1 Rendel visits the new area in the Maw in irregular intervals and acts there as a quest giver. We are supposed to capture seven Gromit for him in the short quest Gold does not matter and bring it to him. As a rich grave of the world gold really doesn't matter to him and he just throws it around as a reward. Because for completing the quest we get a gold-filled wheelbarrow, from which we get a whopping 665 gold. A quite respectable hourly wage for a few minutes of work. So in a way, Rendel shares his exceedingly large profit earned by us players with us.

However, he's not out and about in Korthia every day. As in past areas, the visitors and quest-givers change daily. How often Rendel, who now also visually displays his wealth through his rhinestone-studded sunglasses, will be available remains unclear for the time being. In any case, Blizzard once again proves its humour and makes the world seem a bit more alive than with a horde of nameless NPCs that nobody knows.