In the WoW Classic era, we unfortunately had to report several times about how faulty Blizzard's automated ban system obviously works

, because once again accounts were banned unjustifiably - which was then confirmed by later investigations (but often only after a corresponding shitstorm on Reddit and Co.).

And as feared, this can happen to all TBC Classic players at any time. Apparently, it is currently sufficient to play a Paladin and regularly farm Stratholme with it; in other words, to do exactly what was advertised before the TBC Classic launch as one of the best ways to farm gold during this time.

For the first time, affected Paladin players are said to have spoken out in the Paladin Discord. The number of reports grew, the incidents got around, and meanwhile the problem is being discussed extensively in the official WoW forum and on Reddit.

The players are not only criticizing the fact that once again innocent players are banned, while bots that have been reported several times can make Outland unsafe for weeks. The amount of the punishment is also an issue: Why do players who buy gold with money get a 3-day ban, and players who farm the gold are permanently banned?

So far, Blizzard has unfortunately not commented on the cases, so we can only recommend that you minimize Stratholme farming rounds for a while to prevent a sudden ban.

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