When an Arena Tournament for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic took place in July 2021, Lead Producer Holly Longdale took the time to talk to well-known streamer and PvP veteran Venruki about PvP and Phase 2 of TBC Classic. Apparently, this was just the beginning of a new tradition that will continue.

WoW: Humorous Arena Tournament Trailer for Burning Crusade Classic

New tournament, new interview

Brian Brimingham of the WoW Classic team spoke with Venruki about PvP Season 3 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Source: Blizzard In fact, from February 18 to 21, 2022, another arena tournament for the Outland remake

recently took place, and this time Venruki also had the opportunity to get some questions off his chest. Now, however, Brian Birmingham from the Classic team was his contact. Below we have summarized the most important insights from the conversation (via Twitch).
  • Brian Birmingham has been part of the Classic team since the beginning. Internally and externally, Blizzard was looking for developers to take on the project. Brian was working on Hearthstone at the time and for him it was a dream opportunity to return to WoW.
  • Brian remembers very well the discussions and research surrounding the tornadoes in the Nagrand Arena. Although they were removed after a fairly short period of time back in 2007, every player from back then remembers that these tornadoes existed. That's why the developers really wanted to bring them back, for the entire first season - simply because they are such an important part of the memories of TBC.
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New season, new meta

  • In the original TBC, each season had its own meta, which was controlled by the previously implemented balancing adjustments. In TBC Classic, however, there are no class changes. Nevertheless, the developers want to give each PvP season that certain something in the new edition as well. The recent restrictions on items such as the Gem of the Mind Leap make for a different PvP experience in Season 3 than in Season 2 (and improve the balance, by the way). This is also why the aforementioned Tornadoes were removed with Season 2.
  • With Season 3, the developers wanted to significantly reduce the waiting times for Arena games, because the waiting times were longer on average than the games themselves. In return, they expanded the range with which teams are brought together via matchmaking.
  • There is significantly more honor in the new season, and PvP gear is also much more accessible for beginners. In addition, the developers want to give PvP fans more options to earn honor and items.
  • Blizzard is not surprised that TBC Classic players currently want the return of personal scoring. After all, this was introduced at the time due to player feedback. Whether there could already be a corresponding adjustment in TBC Classic is currently being discussed.
  • According to Brian, there will be another Arena Tournament for TBC Classic once the Amani Warbear becomes accessible. The mount will come into play with the raid instance Zul'Aman in the upcoming phase.

We are pretty sure that there will be another interview with Venruki and the WoW Classic team then.

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