I saw a post on reddit the other day where a WoW fan was complaining that there aren't really any likable or endearing characters left in Azeroth and beyond currently. At first I thought to myself: that's not true! There was ... But upon reflection, I couldn't think of any character in WoW: Shadowlands that I really like, sympathize with, or find cool.

Of pale villains and even paler heroes

Let's take a look at the current portfolio of heroes and villains:

  • Sylvanas is evil, but also somehow not, or how now actually? Can Blizzard please make a decision? The idea of developing a multi-layered character who makes questionable decisions drawn from her ambivalent personality just doesn't work out in my opinion. The developers are wasting a lot of potential here.
  • Tyrande has actually always annoyed me, with Shadowlands Blizzard takes it to the extreme, as well as with Malfurion. Ok, maybe this is also a matter of taste, but I just don't like the characterization of the howling fury.
  • Anduin was actually always a sympathetic character to me, despite my Horde following. That Blizzard has now turned him into a second Arthas I don't find particularly creative. The message that even someone blessed by the Light and pure like the King of Stormwind can't escape the dungeon master's power totally destroys the character of Anduin for me.
  • Thrall is - well, I don't think we need to talk much about Thrall at all. He's just a self-doubting shell of his former self anyway.
  • Voljin could have been really cool, especially with his background as a troll and the role of his tribe, as could Varian, but Blizzard had to let them both die. Sorry, Blizz, but I'll never forgive you for that.
  • Baine Bluthuf seems a bit like the whiny version of Thrall. Again, the developers are wasting a lot of potential here, especially since Baine could have been so much cooler as an antagonist to Sylvanas.
  • Jaina has also undergone a development, but in the meantime she also seems rather profile-less, after one could at least find her comprehensible in the context of her revenge story after Cataclysm.

The Shadowlands themselves might have one or two interesting characters up their sleeves. However, none of the Theotars, Drakas, and Mograines of posterity really come to the forefront, which is due to the division of the Pact campaigns. But that leads to these characters all remaining pale.

Meanwhile, there aren't any really cool villains either. The dungeon master is just evil and nothing more, even the Burning Legion had tons more profile. Denathrius would have had potential, but met his end way too quickly in Castle Nathria.

So I'm wondering how the story of WoW (buy it now €14,99 ) will continue in patch 9.1 and beyond, when there are hardly any or no characters I can really identify with. I want heroes who are really about something, who are personally involved, whose motivations I can relate to, who offer me more than mere world-saving or self-pity. I want villains with profile, like Arthas, not gray, bald decals of a real antagonist.

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What do you guys think about this? Do you agree that WoW currently lacks heroes and villains with profile, likeable characters? Or are you of a completely different opinion and completely satisfied with the current character portfolio of the Shadowlands? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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