In addition to the raids, which are still the most important content in the WoW endgame for most guilds, the Mythic-Plus dungeons are also playing an increasingly important role. They are easily accessible, since the group consists of only five players, and due to the different levels, every team will find the appropriate difficulty level. And since there's some great loot to be had there, it's no wonder that so many chars are taking to the eight dungeons of the Shadowlands every week. However, since these groups have been playing the same instances over and over again for many months, boredom sets in at some point despite the different affixes. Of course, this is partly due to the length of the first patch, which meant you had the same season affix for months on end. But also the fact that Shadowlands has less dungeons than past expansions should not be underestimated.

As a result, there are a few ideas floating around the WoW forums on how to quickly and easily expand and enhance the system to increase long-term motivation. One of them is the introduction of time-walking mythic-plus dungeons. Sounds weird at first, but on reflection it's not that far-fetched.

Mythic-Plus as Time-Walking

However, as with all potential features in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ), there are two questions: How do you implement the whole thing and with what rewards do you entice the players. Let's start with the first.
The developers could, of course, simply slap the full M+ system on all dungeons. But that would probably not be very effective. This would make an incredible number of dungeons available in one fell swoop, causing more chaos than joy. So one of the most realistic suggestions is to combine the time-travel events and the Mythic-Plus system.
Old content in WoW is no longer challenging. Timewalking-M+ could change that. Source: buffed
The developers pick a few, few dungeons from each expansion that are very popular and would most likely qualify as Mythic-Plus dungeons. So rather shorter ones like the dungeon and not as complex as the Blackrock Depths. This would solve two problems for the developers at once. If there are dungeons or boss fights that simply don't lend themselves to being scaled up endlessly, they would just leave them out. Secondly, the work would be more limited. Because let's not forget that the old dungeons were developed without this scaling and might need to be adjusted accordingly.

Time-limited events

However, some dungeons would probably not be suitable as M+ variants. Source: Blizzard In addition, so that players aren't overwhelmed by the sheer number of dungeons, access should be limited. Similar to the time-traveling dungeons, the developers could alternate between expansions on a weekly basis. While this week the current dungeons plus some Classic dungeons are available, next week there would be current plus a few MoP dungeons, for example. This would keep the "old" dungeons fresh longer and not overwhelm players. It would also allow the developers to solve another potential problem - that of affixes. Some old dungeons don't lend themselves to certain affixes at all. Here, the developers would have to adjust some mechanics. Or, simply schedule the rotations of affixes and events so that those affixes simply don't occur in those particular dungeons because they are never active at the same time.

And while we're on the subject of affixes. Another oft-cited suggestion is to replace the Season affix with a special expansion affix based on the overall theme of the addon. However, this would be additional work for the developers and would mean that the "old" dungeons would change less often - namely not with each new season. On the other hand, it would make each time-travel event a bit more special and different from the "normal" M+ dungeons.

Two keystones?

In order for the old dungeons not to clash with the current system, you'd have to find a way to set the level of the old dungeons. The easiest method would probably be to put a second keystone into play. One applies to the current dungeons, another applies to the timewalking dungeons. Another often mentioned suggestion is to have your own stone apply to one current dungeon and one old dungeon at a time. The only problem with this is that you might get it higher with "easy" dungeons from old expansions than you could in the current ones - a rather minor problem in our eyes.

Relevant rewards?

Of course, there would have to be rewards in the old M+ dungeons. And relevant rewards at that. Because no one is going to go in there for 50 anima. On the other hand, the rewards shouldn't be so good that it becomes an absolute compulsion. Simply scaling up old loot, for example, doesn't work at all. Because some old trinkets or the like would probably have insane effects on the current item level and completely destroy the balancing. In addition, there would be many players who want to build the absolute best value distribution from thousands of items and the complaining would be great if you have to wait weeks until you have the chance to get this or that incredibly strong Trinket again - the Withered J'im sends his regards.
So far, the old dungeons are only used for normal time-walking dungeons. Source: Blizzard But besides transmog, mounts or pets, you could definitely have a few select items from the old expansion drop. Something that you've tested beforehand that doesn't have an excessive impact. A chunk of bravery points certainly wouldn't be bad either. That way you could get the points you need there to upgrade equipment from the current dungeons. Another suggestion that comes up more often is to offer as loot things from the old expansions that are impossible to get in the normal way. For example, armor templates that have been flown out of the game or something similar. However, this suggestion was met with little opposition.

Sounds like fun, so it won't happen

By expanding the Mythic-Plus system to include time-walking dungeons, Blizzard would have easily created new content that players who enjoy M+ dungeons could also enjoy. However, that's still probably never going to happen. The developers have put away a lot of good ideas in the past because they had one major flaw. Blizzard doesn't think much of features that discourage players from playing the most current content. That's why the rewards in the normal time-walking dungeons are a joke, and any other ideas to keep old content fresh longer were quickly discarded.

The real question, though, is whether such a feature, which would seem to appeal to some players, would resonate with the masses? Of course, neither we nor the developers know. But we can ask you: What would you think about such a feature?

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