Just recently we showed you a Torghast speed run on level 12 in under three minutes. That's pretty impressive. However, as we also pointed out at the time, a speed run in Torghast unfortunately doesn't do you much good if you want to climb levels or unlock the bonus levels. In Torghast's new scoring system, you'll have to play very thoroughly and not so much with speed.

Demon Hunter player Gitoff has taken this criticism to heart and shows how to get through the highest level of Torghast super fast and with the highest score at the same time.

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However, the practiced demon hunter's eye will notice that before entering Torghast, Gitoff already has a 9-minute buff from Zeal of the Fray, which increases Devil's Rage's damage by 15 percent for six seconds and reduces the ability's cooldown if at least one enemy takes damage from Vengeful Retreat. In addition, there is a thick Irascibility buff that generates a total of 80 Irascibility over the course of ten seconds.

Normally, Zeal of the Fray has a long cooldown and lasts a maximum of ten seconds. However, Gitoff, through .... shall we say "the clever exploitation of game mechanics," found a way to increase the buff to new minutes before entering Torghast. Of course, that's a big advantage for a speed run like that. Exactly how this trick works in the heat of the moment, no one really knows at the moment.

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