In Shadowlands, we've seen a mini-exodus of major WoW influencers. Content creators like Preach and even "Mr. WoW Top Lists" Madseason threw in the towel in the middle of last year and said goodbye to WoW. Another familiar face, or rather voice, is not even concerned with patch 9.2 of WoW Shadowlands: Nobbel is taking a break.

Nobbel is the YouTuber when it comes to WoW lore. On his channel Nobbel87 you can find everything you need to know about the lore around Azeroth. He has been letting his WoW subscription expire for what feels like an eternity. On reddit it says "Blizzard has managed to make even the 'Lore Guy' quit." Towards the end of Shadowlands, players learn that behind pretty much everything that has happened in the 20-odd year history of WoW (buy now ) since Warcraft 3, there has been the dungeon master behind it.

"I don't know who else this lore is supposed to satisfy"

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"Shadowlands had potential, but that ship has sailed. Let's see where the whole 'the jailer is behind everything' and 'the first created everything' goes. It's a real shame to run a lore channel and then be presented with something like this. But hey, it's not the end of the world." That's what Nobbel has to say about the current situation in WoW.

In the meantime, the lore expert is devoting himself to single-player games and also FFXIV, which he's slowly getting into. As for WoW, he may still finish the story about Rhonin, but otherwise points to the huge collection on his YouTube channel, where you can find a video on just about every aspect of WoW's lore.

WoW: Shattered Legacy - German version of the Sylvanas cinematic

He may comment on the grand finale of Patch 9.2, but that's it. He's not really convinced "by the final patch, whose big selling point is 'you can walk on water'." The focus is on WoW's upcoming expansion. But even there, Nobbel isn't exactly positive.

Excited and worried at the same time about Dragon Isles

He actually still wanted to work on the Exploring Kalimdor book

for WoW. However, this story has received such negative feedback that Blizzard has since pulled the book from sale. A glimpse of hope for the WoW lore could be the Dragon Isles.

Since the end of BfA, the Dragon Isles have been hinted at in WoW. The new store package with lots of dragons

and a new model reinforce this thesis. Nobbel is a fan of everything possible that has to do with dragons. However, his faith in the lore writers at Blizzard is so low that he thinks less about how cool the dragon islands could become and more about how they could ruin the story.

"If that's your first thought about a video game, then it's probably better to take a break" Nobbel says, mutatis mutandis.

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